August 13, 2021

I am a season pass holder at the golf course. Every time we play golf we encounter pedestrians on the golf course. Many times they are coming right out of the forest directly at us hitting towards them. It is very unnerving to have someone walk right toward you while playing golf. If you mention to them the danger they are in and that pedestrians are not allowed on the golf course you get comments like “I have heard that a lot” or “They told us we could be out here until 8:00” or “Our house is right there”. If better signage were posted saying you have to pay greens fees to be allowed on the golf course instead of Tahoe Donner Association Trespassers Prohibited and message all home owners, especially those around the golf course and those that have renters that the golf course is off limits to non-golfers, it would help the golf course staff in keeping pedestrians off of the golf course.

Mary Ann Taylor