Truckee River Day

Oct 20, 2024
|  1-4PM  

Truckee River Day, born in 1996, emerged from our community's realization of the environmental impacts of history. Over a century of logging, mining and water mismanagement took a toll on our beloved Sierra Nevada mountain town. The Truckee River Watershed Council (TRWC) was founded to protect and restore our ecosystem. The first Truckee River Day, expecting a few, saw over 300 volunteers join. As climate change intensifies, TRWC's commitment to a resilient watershed grows.

In 2024, celebrate the 29th Annual Truckee River Day, an annual event uniting the community to make lasting changes in this impacted watershed. Following the restoration work, volunteers, family and friends are invited to attend the Truckee River Day Fair from 1-4PM for great food, live entertainment, environmental education activities, art projects and more! For additional details, visit

Date: Sunday, Oct. 20
Time: 1-4PM