We know you’re itching to get outside and enjoy the spring conditions. This change in season can inspire enthusiasm for new activities and scenery. Because we want you to have great trails all summer long, PLEASE stay off them if they’re muddy. Using muddy trails, whether by foot, horse or bicycle, causes major damage to the trail and the surrounding environment. Repairs to the trail are often expensive and labor-intensive.

Please do your part as a conscious trail steward and stay off muddy trails until they are dry.

Tahoe Donner’s trails are still largely under snow.  As the snow melts, consider these options:

  • Use trails early in the day when they’re still frozen.
  • South-facing slopes offer the best springtime conditions, like Bermgarten Trailhead.
  • Paved trails are a great alternative, such as Trout Creek Trailhead off Northwoods Boulevard.
  • Mountain bikers – now is a great time to check out the trails near Reno or Auburn, as the tread is dry and the flowers are blooming.
  • If you approach mud, walk through it or look for rocks or snow to step on.
  • Walk or ride through the mud, not around it. Going around the mud causes damage by widening the trail and trampling vegetation.
  • When possible, avoid muddy trails altogether until they’re dry!

As the snow melts, we not only find newly budding plants but also the remnants of trash left by snow-going recreationists. From dog waste bags to broken sleds, the litter following winter snowmelt can be a bit off-putting. Here’s how you can help:

  • Bring a trash bag with you as you start venturing out.
  • If you’re picking up your dog’s waste (thank you!), consider looking around to pick up another pile that was left by another dog.
  • Organize a trail clean-up day with your friends or family. Make a game out of this by seeing who can collect the most trash. Just an hour a month can make a huge difference for our trails.

Voluntary Summer Public Trail Pass Program

Thank you for contributing to the Tahoe Donner Association trail system. This program is a voluntary monetary contribution for public trail users. Its purpose is to recognize the financial commitment and trail maintenance efforts the association has made and continues to make on the 60+ miles of multi-use single-track and double-track summer trails.

For those who are not Tahoe Donner members, a suggested donation of $5 for adult and $2 for child daily use, or $30 for adult and $15 for child summer pass is encouraged and available for donation at Alder Creek Adventure Center, Bikeworks and Member Services.

Trail access for members and guests of members is free.