From a quick fix to a custom build, our experienced bike mechanics are ready for anything and can have most repairs completed within 24 hours. Have an e-Bike? We can work on all of the mechanical parts of the bike, including building new bikes out of the box, but we do not offer any service on the electrical portions of the bikes, including head units, batteries, motors or wiring.   

  • Repair items for all makes and models of bikes and e-bikes
  • Accessories like tubes, lubes, patch kits, components, bike tools and more!
  • If we don’t have it, we can most likely order it

Includes checking and tightening all fasteners, adjusting brakes and shifting, minor wheel true, adjusting hubs and headset and chain lubrication.

Includes all items in basic tune-up plus whole bike and drivetrain cleaning, stripping and repacking headsets, hubs, and bottom bracket.

Bring your flats to the shop; mechanics can fix them in just a few minutes.

Call (530) 582-9694 or bring your bike in for an estimate. Bikeworks mechanics can handle most jobs, from simple repairs and adjustments to building a complete custom bike. Most repairs will be ready the next day. Quick fixes can be done while you wait. Parts are not included in any repair rates.

Please access Bikeworks through the backside of Alder Creek Adventure Center. Stop by Alder Creek Adventure Center or call (530) 582-9694 for more details.