Parents, we hope your child is ready for a fun-filled week at Day Camps! Remember your child is attending camps which involve getting dirty, please dress them accordingly. In order to help your morning go smoothly and to ensure that your child has the most enjoyable experience possible at camp, we have put together some lists of helpful hints, reminders and things to bring. 


  • You will receive an email with parent information on the Monday prior to the week your child is registered for camp. Please be sure to input the correct email address when registering your child or contact Member Services to add an email to your child’s profile. 
  • Every day, please apply sunscreen to your child prior to check in. 


Let’s start off the week on time! For maximum fun and safety please be sure your camper eats a nourishing breakfast before arriving to camps. Please arrive to camp no later than the camp start time. Please be on time to Drop-off, certain days the children leave promptly for a fun-filled day. If you miss a drop-off time, please check your campers’ activity sheet to find out where your child needs to be, it is your responsibility to drive them to the location. Time varies depending on the camp location. We do not want campers to miss out on the fun activities. It is your responsibility to drive your camper to the facility if you are late dropping off your child, please look at the weekly activity sheet and letter that you should receive Monday of camps.


A parent/guardian must sign their camper in and out of camp each day on the roster. Campers are not allowed to sign themselves in or out. The only people allowed to pick up a camper are those people listed in the authorized to pick up section and on the camper information packet. Camp staff may check identification of those people listed on the authorization section or camper information packet. If you do not see your child’s name on the roster at drop-off, please do not add your camper’s name. Camp staff needs to call the Supervisor and verify that your camper is signed up.


Counselors encourage campers to respect themselves, each other, staff and property. Counselors go over the rules often. Children between the ages 9-14 will be responsible to sign a code of conduct form. Misbehavior will be re-directed. Campers not responsive to re-direction will be reminded to correct their behavior through loss of privileges and rewards. Campers are expected to enjoy and participate in camp activities without disruption or preventing other children’s enjoyment and participation. Staff will keep parents informed of behavior issues frequently with our daily logs. Reoccurring behavior issues may result in suspension or permanent ejection from camp if determined by staff without a refund. Physical fighting will not be tolerated- If this occurs, parents of campers involved will be contacted immediately to pick up their campers. If Day Camp Supervisor determines that a camper cannot benefit from Day Camps or presents danger to others, parents will be required to withdraw camper from program. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for all participants. If a parent or guardian has a concern they shall address the concern in an appropriate and calm manner. Any parent who is disrespectful or who threatens to harass staff in any way will be asked to remove their camper from the program. See Anti-Bullying Contract.


Camp staff work long hard days with your campers. It is not fair to the staff or camper for parents to pick up their child late. In the event this happens parents will be charged a late fee. You will be charged $1 for every minute after the first 5 minutes late. These late fees will be strictly enforced, and camp staff does not have the ability to waive fees. 

See our Day Camp Sessions page for details on each program.