Ian Mindell Name: Ian Mindell, Director of Tennis

Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada

What brought him to TD: “The opportunity to direct Tahoe Donner’s tennis programs.”

Favorite thing to do in TD or favorite season/amenity at TD and why: “Besides playing tennis, I love the bike trails and rock climbing areas all around the Tahoe Donner area.”

Background: “I started teaching tennis 20+ years ago in the Palm Springs area. I have worked at La Quinta Resort since 2001 and at Tahoe Donner since 2008. I have called the Tahoe area my summer home since 2005, and I always look forward to time at the beaches, lakes, trails, restaurants, shops and all of the other wonderful things that Tahoe Donner and the surrounding areas have to offer.”

Malcom Ridenour Name: Malcolm Ridenour, Adult Tennis Coordinator/Tennis Professional

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

What brought him to TD: “I love the people, the courts, the setting, and the robust programming.”

Favorite thing to do in TD or favorite season/amenity at TD and why: “Mountain bike, SUP on the lakes, ski the mountains, rock climb, and all the amazing activities Tahoe offers.”

Background: “Started teaching tennis in Tahoe in 1999. Have worked at several tennis centers in the area, as well as La Quinta. Just returned from running a club in Florida pan handle for one year. Happy to be back in Tahoe Donner!​”

Henry Ryerson Name: Henry Ryerson, Junior Tennis Coordinator/Tennis Professional

Hometown: Born and raised in Bridgewater, CT. Now in Soda Springs, CA

What brought him to TD: “I was introduced to TD as the head coach of the Truckee High Girls Tennis team. We have been lucky to be able to practice and play at this amazing facility. As a local pro looking to help the growth of the tennis community, I am glad to be affiliated with TD.”

Favorite thing to do in TD or favorite season/amenity at TD and why: “Get out in nature with my wife Holly and my 2 kids, Lily and Cody. I also enjoy gardening and playing soccer.​”

Background: “I played singles and doubles for WCSU. After that I taught tennis for Silver Springs Country Club and Four Seasons Racquet Club in Connecticut. Also a PSIA level 3 ski instructor, the mountains called me west. Here I run a summer seasonal youth tennis program through Truckee park and Rec. dept. As well, I am currently the head coach for the Truckee High girls tennis Team. I feel blessed to be able to ski and play tennis in this beautiful area.”

Markus Vorwald Name: Markus Vorwald, Tennis/Pickleball Professional

Hometown: Duderstadt, Germany

What brought me to TD: “Listening to Ian Mindell, who always spoke so highly about TD. And he was right…”

Favorite thing to do in TD or favorite season/amenity at TD and why: “Besides Tennis and Pickleball, I love the Golf Course in this area. And swimming in Donner Lake after a workout is just fantastic.”

Background: “I started teaching tennis when I was 16 years old. After working with kids, I became a coach for juniors, adults and high performance teams in Munich. Since I came to the US in 2016, I’m working for La Quinta Resort & Club as a Tennis and Pickle Ball Pro. And since 2017 I’m happy to spend my summer in the beautiful Tahoe area.”

Lucy Conklin Name: Lucy Conklin, Tennis/Pickleball Professional

Hometown: Livermore, CA now in Reno, NV

What brought me to TD: “While raising my kids in Truckee I had the opportunity to coach the Truckee High School boys team. I am excited to have the opportunity to return to teach this summer with the wonderful Tahoe Donner Tennis Center Staff.”

Favorite thing to do in TD or favorite season/amenity at TD and why: “The opportunity to sit on the dock and enjoy Donner Lake, bringing much peace to life!”

Background: “I started playing tennis at a young age, played through the junior circuit and eventually for Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I have taught in Livermore, Grass Valley, Truckee and Reno over the years. I love to start the young down their journey of tennis, developing players of all ages and bringing families together on the court.”

Cleve Langford Name: Ellis Cleveland Langford II (Cleve), Tennis/Pickleball Professional

What brought him to TD: “During the winter months I live in Palm Desert, California, and coach at The La Quinta Resort. I was offered the opportunity to work alongside Ian Mindell at the Tahoe Donner Tennis Center as one of their premier tennis and Pickleball professionals.”

Background: “From my earliest memories, I’ve held a tennis racquet in hand. My dad was a long-time director for the Indian Wells ATP/WTA tour event as well as the Washington D.C. ATP/WTA tour event. I played juniors USTA tournaments growing up and played #1 for the California State Championship Team at Palm Desert High School, CIF Division 4 in 2002. During the winter months, I live in Palm Desert, CA and coach at The La Quinta Resort. It’s going to be a great season… I look forward to seeing you on the courts!”