Active Committees

Tahoe Donner has several active committees and special task forces that work with the board of directors and association staff to administer, assess and enforce association rules; provide financial advice and analysis; and generally help plan for the future of the association. Committees and task forces are made up of Tahoe Donner members who are in good standing with the association and want to contribute to its welfare. Volunteering on a committee gives members the chance to contribute to the association and learn more about our unique mountain community.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, write a letter of interest and fill out a committee application, then submit both to the executive assistant.
Some committees have an additional supplemental application form – please check the specific committee page that you are interested in, which include:

Elections Committee
Ensures the fair and efficient administration of the elections process at Tahoe Donner.
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Vacancies: 2

Architectural Standards Committee
Committee members with experience in the building and construction industry, whom act upon all applications for improvements.
Vacancies: 0

Covenants Committee
This committee oversees the administration and enforcement of the Governing Documents and Association Rules as they apply to property owners regarding care and maintenance for properties and the behavior or property owners, their guests and tenants.
Vacancies: 2 Alternates

Finance Committee
Provides financial advice, analysis and information to the board of directors to enable the board to make sound business decisions.
Vacancies: 0

Long-Range Planning Committee
Formerly the General Plan Committee. These committee members serve the Board and Staff as a source of advice, feedback, assistance, and expertise in all matters pertaining to the Association’s long-range planning including the Five-Year Strategic Plan.
Vacancies: 0

The Giving Fund Committee
The philanthropic arm of Tahoe Donner operating as an affiliate fund of the Tahoe-Truckee Community Foundation.
Vacancies: 3

Trails and Open Space Committee
Serves the Board and Staff as a source of advice, feedback, assistance, and expertise in all matters pertaining to land management, open space, and the trail system.
Vacancies: 0

Committee Meetings are being held either in person or via Zoom.
2024 Committee Meeting Calendar