Courtesy guidelines are not rules and simple good neighbor recommendations. These guidelines are identified due to frequent neighbor comment and complaints.

Trash and Wildlife

This is bear country, and proper disposal of trash, as described below, is important to avoid scattering of trash and property damage, and for the safety of people and bears.


  • Trash and recycling cannot be left out prior to Tuesday pickup day without an approved Animal Resistant Garbage Can Enclosure (ARGCE).
  • Make sure all food is removed from vehicles and trash is secure.
  • Bears, porcupine, and other wildlife can and do break into vehicles and enclosures for people food. This endangers them and humans.
  • There is no such thing as a dog poop fairy. Please pick up after your pet and throw your bags in appropriate waste receptacles.
  • Respect the privacy and property of others. Don’t use other people’s driveways, yards for snowplay, sledding, parking or crossing.
  • Amenity Access: guests/tenants must have a guest card to access amenities for a fee. Four guest/card limit.


Town of Truckee streets include the 68 miles of roads within Tahoe Donner. The speed limit is predominantly 25 mph.


  • Tahoe Donner streets are part of the Town of Truckee Police Department Enhanced Traffic Enforcement zone, you will be ticketed for exceeding the speed limit.
  • Slow down and watch for children, wildlife and recreation enthusiasts on all streets and coming out of driveways.

Town of Truckee Streets and Winter Driving

The streets in the Tahoe Donner Association are public streets owned and maintained by the Town of Truckee; this includes traffic enforcement, snow removal and accident response.


  • Tahoe Donner streets are mostly 25 mph. Slow down and watch for children and wildlife.
  • During winter months, members and guests should be prepared for changing winter conditions, and carry chains or have 4-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Cars lacking this equipment can slide off the road, or become stuck in the street, preventing the snowplows from plowing and blocking residents from entering or leaving their homes or generating other hazards.

Other Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Weather conditions change rapidly, be prepared for snow and heat even in the fall
  • This community is part of the wildland-residential interface and you will see wildlife including bears, coyote, deer, beavers, porcupine, and more. Be respectful of their habitat and take it slow when driving in the community
  • Respect the privacy and property of others. Don’t use other people’s driveways, yards for parking, snow sledding or crossing.