These Minor Projects are used by property owners and their contractors to obtain Architectural Standards Committee approval prior to making minor changes in the exterior appearance of a residence or property.

Minor Projects (1-year permit):

  • ADU/JADU (Remodel of Existing Living Area)
  • Decks & Deck Railing
  • Stairs
  • Driveway & Parking Pads
  • Hot Tub (New footprint)
  • Mudroom
  • Chimney
  • Commercial Sign
  • Walkway, Patio, Fire Pits
  • Landscaping, Retaining Walls, & Drainage
  • Solar Panels (if tree removal proposed)
  • Custom Built Garbage Enclosures – minimum requirements
  • Artificial Grass
  • Other

  • Documents + Application Information Required

    Minor Projects:

    Some changes to the existing structure may be approved by CSO staff and, depending on the scope of the project; other changes may require the approval of one member of the Architectural Standards Committee. Requests to use any amount of non-standard material such as Cor-ten or other rusted metal, stainless or galvanized steel must be approved by one member of the Architectural Standards Committee and/or the full committee.

    Some minor changes may be done without a building permit from the Town of Truckee while others such as re-siding, window change outs and any projects that requires a new roof or deck may require a building permit. Contact the Town of Truckee Building Department (530) 582-7820 for further information regarding building permit requirements.

  • Inspections

    Site Inspection
    Any footprint change typically requires a site inspection.  If a new topographic and boundary survey is submitted for a minor project, the site inspection may be waived. A site inspection must be conducted prior to permit issuance. In winter months when snow is present, the project will be reviewed once an approved site inspection has been conducted in the spring or when weather allows.

    Permit issuance will be granted after ASC approval, all applicable fees and deposits have been paid, and site inspection conducted. At this time, a permit will be issued and construction may commence, unless winter conditions prevail.

    Site Inspection Requirements:

    • Have your property pins marked and clearly exposed/dugout.
    • Property lines must be strung. (Sides and Rear unless told otherwise by the Community Standards Office or the Architectural Standards Committee during the review meeting).
    • Have your address sign clearly visible (For new construction).
    • Stake out the corners of the project. For new houses/garages and similar structures, all corners including pop outs as well as corners of decks.  For all other projects stake out the outlines of the project.
    • Flag all trees that will be removed as part of your project, they need to match you submitted site plan.
    • When site has been prepared per the requirements above, the owner or contractor may request a site inspection here.

    Final Inspection
    To close out a project and issue the project refund, a final inspection must be conducted to verify project completion in accordance to the ASC’s approval within the allotted permit time-frame. It is the owner’s responsibility to certify that the project does not encroach upon any easement, setback or contiguous property line and conforms to the approved plans and specifications.

    An owner or contractor requests the final inspection prior to permit expiration here.

  • Revisions

    If a project has any changes or deviations from the original approved plans, exterior specifications, including grade changes, a request for change must be submitted to through the CSO/ASC for review and approval. All structures shall be built in conformity with the approved plans.

    To obtain a copy of the approved plans and exterior specifications, request via email at It is recommended that these project documents are reviewed in detail prior to requesting a final inspection to ensure changes do not exist. Submit updated plans and exterior specifications through a revision to the CSO, prior to requesting a final inspection, to avoid the potential for project delays or deviation fines.

  • Extensions

    If a project will not be completed and receive final approval by the Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) prior to the expiration of the initial permit through a final inspection, the Owner may apply for an extension of the initial ASC permit. Extensions of Time are granted in six-month increments and vary in terms of extension fees depending  on extension number granted.

    Such request must be submitted to the Community Standards Office (CSO) at least 30 days prior to said expiration. With a showing of good cause, an Owner may be allowed a maximum of two extensions, with the first being approved at the CSO, and the second reviewed by the ASC in a hearing before being reviewed before the Board of Directors for third and subsequent extensions.

    Click here to request an extension.

  • Minor Project Document Resource Center

Go to permit application and permit payment forms here.