Governing Documents

Tahoe Donner Association is a “common interest development” (CID) and, as such, it is governed by provisions of California law, including the Corporations Code and the Civil Code (the Davis-Stirling Act). Tahoe Donner Association’s governing documents are as follows:

Resolutions and Policies

Strategic Plan

Background of Governing Documents Update Project

Our association’s governing documents were last updated in 1992. Since then, there have been many changes in the laws which have resulted in our existing Articles of Incorporation, Covenants & Restrictions (C&Rs) and Bylaws, being outdated, incomplete or inaccurate concerning important aspects of our operations. For this reason, a Governing Documents Update Project Task Force, made up of interested members, have been working with the association’s legal counsel to develop updated governing documents.

For members interested in joining this working group, please contact project leader Brian Yohn, by email.

Hierarchy of Document Authority

An association’s governing documents include various sets of documents (i.e., declaration (“C&Rs”), bylaws, operating rules, etc.) that control the operation of the association and the common interest development (CID) it was formed to manage. Certain governing documents have authority over others. Civil Code Section 4205 sets forth the hierarchy of authority as thus: