The following frequently asked questions are provided to answer questions and provide clarification between local jurisdiction ordinances and association rules.

Do pets need to be on a leash in Tahoe Donner?

According to the Town of Truckee Animal Control site, “The only location in Truckee where there is a strict leash law is at Truckee Regional Park between the months of May and October. There is an At Large Prohibited ordinance in Truckee, which means that you must have both immediate voice and visual control over your dog. Dogs roaming the neighborhood would be an At Large Prohibited violation, in which a citation may be issued. When you are walking your dog, we recommend using a leash for both the safety of you and your dog.”  The exact ordinance language can be found under Town of Truckee Municipal Code-Title 8.

However, Tahoe Donner has additional rule enforcement on pets. The Animal Control rule under the Covenants Rules Section II: General Common Area, Other Association-Owned Property and Amenity rules, states, “No animal or pet may be tethered or tied to a stationary object on any Common Area, or other Association-owned property. Dogs shall only be allowed within any portion of the Common Area when they are leashed and otherwise under the supervision and restraint of their Owners or other person accompanying the dog.” The dog trails at the Cross Country Ski Area are the exception to this rule, as allowed by the facility and board of director approval.  Use of the dog trails with dogs off leash is allowed by daily or season passes with properly registered animals and enforced by Cross Country Ski Area staff.

Misunderstanding comes from where the line is drawn between Town of Truckee and Tahoe Donner property. The streets of Tahoe Donner are Town of Truckee property as such, issues with pets in the subdivision on private property should be directed to the Town of Truckee’s Animal Control department.  You can reach them by calling them at (530) 582-7830 or email,

Are fireworks, firearms and archery allowed at Tahoe Donner?

There are several official firing ranges within the greater Truckee area. These include the Boca and Hobart Mills shooting ranges located on United States Forest Service lands. Additionally, there are other shooting ranges that are allowed in the United States Forest Service land near Tahoe Donner and on private property neighboring Tahoe Donner recreation space. Within Tahoe Donner, the Covenants Rules Section II: General Common Area, Other Association-Owned Property and Amenity rules, state, Fireworks, Firearms, Archery. Use, including the bearing of, firearms, air guns, archery equipment or fireworks of any kind is prohibited on any Common Area or other Association-owned property, with the exception that archery equipment may be used at the TDA Archery Range.”

For any concerns relating to firearms use within Tahoe Donner immediately contact Truckee Police Department, if in an emergency call 911; if notification of use, call dispatch at 530-550-2320. For any concerns relating to firearms use along Alder Creek Road in United States Forest Service land call the USFS Truckee Ranger station at (530) 587-3558.  For any concerns relating to firearms use north and west of Tahoe Donner property please contact Nevada County Sheriff at (530) 582-7838.

As always, you can contact Tahoe Donner Community Relations Inspector for any non-emergency-related issues or covenants questions at (530) 414-8166 or email We welcome member feedback and are happy to assist you in general association questions.