The Tahoe Donner Defensible Space Inspection Program

The defensible space inspection cycle occurs every six years. To view the 2019-2024 Defensible Space Zone Map, click here.

2024 Unit #4, lots 1-233 233
Unit #6, lots 412-640 229
All of Unit #11, lots 1-517 517
Total lots 979
2025 All of Unit #3, lots 1-549 547
Ski Bowl Condos 001
3/34, Bear Meadows 011
3/64 010
Unit #5, lots 1-415 415
Total lots 984
2026 All of Unit #1, lots 1-499 499
Unit #4, lots 234-643 410
Unit #5, lots 416-555 140
Total lots 1,049
2027 Unit #8, lots 1-608 608
Unit #2, lots 1-391 391
Total lots 999
2028 Unit 2, lots 392-423 032
Golf Course Condos 001
All of Unit #9, lots 1-654 654
Unit #7, lots 1-262 262
Total lots 949
2029 All of Unit #10, lots 1-488 488
Unit #7, lots 263-356 094
Unit #6, lots 1-411 411
Total lots 993

Homeowners are expected to maintain defensible space standards on a yearly basis. The Tahoe Donner Forestry Department may require homeowners to perform defensible space and/or forest health maintenance at any time upon the occurrences of heavy fuel loads, dead or infested trees and any item that could lead to deficient fire safety/forest health standards.

Defensible Space Inspection Reports

The Forestry Department has adopted inspection software from FireAside that aids inspectors in evaluating properties and providing homeowners a detailed report of their findings, including a parcel-specific list of requirements, location and photos of each issue and recommendations for individuals wanting to take additional steps. Following inspections, FireAside’s resident reports are sent via email to property owners, or access your report here. These reports provide a checklist of compliance to-dos and reminders so residents can prioritize and resolve each issue, and also include a convenient button to request green waste pick up service through reservation system.

If you wish to schedule an appointment for a Forestry Department staff member to check for defensible space on your property and make improvement recommendations, contact the Forestry Department at or (530) 587-9432. For a list of vendors who perform tree and brush removal services, see our Business Directory or Truckee Fire’s website.