Good news, if members are having issues with neighbors violating the Tahoe Donner Association rules, members can file complaints seven days a week.

Members are now able to submit complaints through the online member portal. The OneStop online platform is no longer active. All submissions in the member portal will remain anonymous and will not be shared with the respondent.

Report the complaint to Tahoe Donner Covenants Enforcement staff easily available to members:

  1. Report a Covenants Non-Compliance Complaint via the Member Portal under “Submit Requests”:
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: (530) 414-8166

A staff member is available to receive complaints 7 days per week during business hours via online, phone call, and email.

What Can You Expect When You Call the Covenants Complaint Phone Line After-Hours?

A friendly Tahoe Donner team member will receive your phone call from 5PM-8AM Weeknights, weekends, and on holidays.

Be prepared to provide at a minimum:

  • Your name, address at Tahoe Donner, your email address
  • Nature of complaint with times occurring
  • Address of property being complained upon
  • Evidence: photos, video, etc.
  • How this behavior is affecting you
  • What actions have been taken to resolve complaint (for example the police have been called etc.)

We will take your complaint and make every effort to contact the owner of the property being complained upon. We will:

  1. Call the primary phone number on file and speak with owner or leave a voicemail
  2. If voicemail picks up, staff will call second and possibly third phone numbers on file to speak with the owner or leave a voicemail
  3. An email will also be sent if there is an email on file with the property
  4. A follow up email will be sent to the complainant confirming contact was made.

The communication to the respondent (complained upon property) will generally as follows with adjustments dependent on complaint,

  • Dear Owner, Tahoe Donner Covenants enforcement staff has received an after-hours complaint on your property at X time.
  • Detail will then be provided on the complaint.
  • Questioning will transpire as to whether the owner is presently at the property or perhaps others. Member will be asked to voluntarily comply with the rules of the association.
  • Additionally, staff will indicate that the owner will receive official documentation regarding the complaint following Covenants rules and enforcement procedures.

For complaints specific to loud parties, fire, aggressive behaviors and/or any other perceived life-safety or disturbances of the peace, staff will ask if the police or fire department has been called. If not, staff will recommend this takes place, otherwise staff will report these issues to the appropriate Town of Truckee. If during communication with the complainant it is determined that 911 dispatch should be engaged, and complainant requests covenants staff to facilitate the 911 dispatch on their behalf, communication to the complainant will include: complainants name, address, and contact information will be provided as the primary contact for agency response, additional information needs and follow up.

Let us all be good neighbors by abiding by and communicating to our friends, family and invitees the common courtesies and rules established for the Tahoe Donner community as well as Town of Truckee ordinances. The most common complaints for 2020 were: trash spills, lighting and noise.