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  • Do I Need an Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) Building Permit?

    An ASC Building Permit is required for exterior work on your home that changes the exterior of your house and/or garage with design, material or color changes, including any structure, driveway, or new landscape changes etc. to be constructed on your lot. Please contact the Community Standards Office (CSO), formerly Architectural Standards Office (ASO), to see if a permit is required from Tahoe Donner.

    Please remind your contractor that all new exterior work including landscaping projects requires permits from both Tahoe Donner and possibly the Town of Truckee also.

    Any design changes or new construction requires full size plans to be submitted. For footprint changes a site plan is required along with elevation plans to illustrate the proposed project as new stand-alone construction or integrates into an existing structure.

  • What is “Like for Like” Repair?

    Oftentimes the work is “like for like” and a quick call can help us update your file with these notes.  The term “like for like” refers to replacement of like kind, for example, replacing a green standing seam metal roof for a new green standing seam metal roof or rebuilding a deck using same material, color, and design.

    While “like for like” projects do not require an ASC Building Permit, the Town of Truckee may still require a permit.

  • What are the Allowable Construction Hours?

    NEW – Construction hours in Tahoe Donner are now subject to the Town of Truckee Short-Term and Noise Ordinance 2020-07:

    • Construction. Noise sources associated with construction, repair, remodeling, or grading of any real property; provided a permit has been obtained from the Town as required; and provided said activities do not take place between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. on weekdays, between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. on Saturdays, or at any time on Sunday or a federal holiday.
  • What Type of Permit do I Need?

    Projects with Neighbor Notification

    There are two types of projects categories that require neighbor notification, major projects and minor project with neighbor notification.

    Major Projects (2 yr Permit):

    • Houses
    • Multiples (Condominiums)
    • Commercial
    • Additions (over 500sqft)
    • Garages with Addition
    • ADU/JADU (New Attached/Detached Structure)

    Minor Projects with Neighbor Notification (1 yr Permit):

    • Garages
    • Additions (under 500sqft)
    • Upper Level Decks and Large Deck Extensions
    • Sheds
    • Auxiliary Structures
    • Fences (outside of existing house/deck footprint)
    • Variance and Miscellaneous Projects

    These projects do differ in plan submittal requirements and permit length to complete the project. All of the above projects though require neighbor notification and schedule for a meeting with full committee review with the Architectural Standards Committee. Please be sure to refer to the ASC Meeting Schedule for key submittal dates and meeting dates.

    View more details about work requiring a Project with Neighbor Notification

    Minor Projects

    These Minor Projects are used by property owners and their contractors to obtain Architectural Standards Committee approval prior to making minor changes in the exterior appearance of a residence or property.

    Minor Projects (1 yr Permit):

    • Decks and Deck Extensions
    • ADU/JADU (New Heated Living Area in Existing Structure such as storage or crawlspace conversion)
    • ADU/JADU (Remodel of Existing Living Area)
    • Stairs
    • Driveway & Parking Pads
    • Hot Tub (New footprint)
    • Mudroom
    • Chimney
    • Commercial Sign
    • Walkway, Patio, Fire Pits
    • Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Drainage
    • Solar Panels (if tree removal proposed)
    • Custom Built Garbage Enclosures
    • Fences under an existing deck that don’t go beyond the upper deck footprint
    • Other

    View more details about work requiring a Minor Permit

    Maintenance Projects

    These Maintenance Projects are used by property owners and their contractors to obtain Architectural Standards Committee approval prior to making minor changes in the exterior appearance of a residence or property.

    Maintenance Projects (1 yr Permit):

    • Paint/stain changes
    • Front door/Garage door paint/stain changes
    • Roof/gutter changes
    • Siding & Wainscot
    • Exterior lights updates
    • Door changes: garage, front/back/side
    • Window changes
    • Animal Resistant Garbage Can Enclosures (not custom built) 
    • Hot tubs placed on/under existing structures
    • A/C placed on/under existing structures
    • Solar Panels
    • Skylights

    View more details about work requiring a Maintenance Permit