Please note: Our fitness class schedule is subject to change. Individual fitness classes are subject to cancellation. Please call our front desk at (530) 587-9437 for the latest information.

Outdoor Cross-Training Boot Camp

Join us at the Trout Creek Rec Center for a six-week outdoor boot camp led by Kim Ligman! Training will work on steadily building your functional core, with an emphasis on increasing overall fitness and strength and improving balance of your mind and body. This bootcamp is available to members and their guests, ages 14 years and up. When you arrive to the Trout Creek Recreation Center, please have your member card or guest card ready to check in.

Class not included in Rec Fee.


Pilates is a system of movement focused on using your core to support the spine in its most awesome alignment. The original program was designed to improve general health through 32 exercises organized to balance muscles, protect joints, increase blood flow, improve posture and coordination and level brain function. A combination of original and interpretive choreography based on Joseph Pilates Fit-For-Life program, sequences for this class are designed to help tone and shape your body as well as build self-awareness. While there is some flow in this class, expect a technique time out here and there to help you really get what you’re doing. Pilates is therapeutic by nature, and this class leverages alignment and flow to bring better overall health.

Pilates Sculpt & Flow Mat-based

This class is a mat-based Pilates class using optional 1lb hand and/or ankle weights that strengthens, lengthens and sculpts beautiful long lean lines throughout your entire body. The class is for all ages and abilities and uses precise, intentional, low-impact movements that deliver a stealthy dose of sweat and leave you feeling tight, toned and lighter – inside and out. (Though the class may be low-impact and a steady state – it’ll raise your heart rate and you’ll feel the burn!)

Power Core Plus

This class focuses on the core, using body weight and balance gear in conjunction with interval sessions. High-intensity plyometrics and power work increase the heart rate. Exercises can be modified for all levels.


This class offers a non-impact, highly effective way to build cardiovascular strength and endurance. Spinning provides the perfect mix of hard work and great fun while burning up calories. Class maximum is 14 participants.

Strength & Core Conditioning

This low-impact class uses handheld weights combined with isometric exercises designed to tone and sculpt the body. Class may utilize weights, balance discs, gliding discs, medicine balls, and/or stability balls, combined with isometric exercises designed to tone and sculpt the body.


TRX® Suspension Training® is a revolutionary total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Ski Fit

Get ready for winter fun with this great fitness class that will prepare you for those brilliant Sierra powder days. This class is designed to improve leg and arm strength, core stability and balance.

Apres Ski Yoga

The intention of this class is to unwind and bring attention to the core muscle groups used on the slopes. This offers detailed alignment cues that speak to all levels and experience of yoga while blending light movement and deeply held stretching postures. This is a feel-good class!

Weekend Warrior Flow

All levels yoga class. Maintain a healthy balance in your fitness routine with this energizing vinyasa flow class that balances breathing and stretching, while also strengthening the body.

Yin Yoga

Rather than conditioning the muscles, Yin yoga stretches the connective tissues. It is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular styles of other yoga practices. Suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa Yoga

The instructor will move you from one pose to the next through breath-synchronized movement, using a variety of postures to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training):

This is a 30-minute non-stop, powerhouse workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and get your heart pumping. H.I.I.T. will include cardio intervals using the jump training, sculpting and floor drills. Kick up your metabolism, strengthen core and experience explosive power!

Zumba® /Strength

Perfect for everybody and every body! Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on by mixing low intensity & high intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. A full-body workout, combining all elements of fitness—40 mins of cardio followed by a 20 min blast of muscle toning using weights and resistance training. Finish up with a stretch your muscles will be grateful for. No experience needed!

Aqua Zumba®

For those looking to make a splash by adding a low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise to their fitness routine. Aqua Zumba® blends the Zumba® philosophy with water resistance. The benefits? There is less impact on your joints during an Aqua Zumba® class so you can really let loose! Water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.