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SEE THE MAP of what has been groomed 

Update for Sunday April 2

The 2022-2023 season has been extended for a week…..and we will now be open thru Sunday April 16th.  Stay tuned for some fun live music on the patio on closing weekend (weather dependant)…and hopefully some real spring conditions between now and then!

OPEN from 8:30AM-5PM today. No earlybird  (7AM passholder skiing) Sunday or Monday as we will be grooming in th mornings……. unless plans are updated first thing in the morning

Expecting conditions to be great again today.Stornger winds than Saturday, and some snow in the afternoon.  Glenn’s Gallop has been re-opened (Classic only trail for intermediates).  A loop down from Drifter and Crabtree Canyon has been added for the weekend too.

Please plan your days to be off the trails before 5PM. The trails and the Adventure Center close at 5PM daily. WE DO NOT PERMIT ACCESS AFTER 5PM. 

Dog Trails will be open for dogs with season passes. Dog owners, REMEMBER you are responsible for at least 1, ideally 2 ‘poop pick ups’ per day!….and reminder that dogs must be ON LEASH in the parking lot.

Some snowshoe Trails are packed, but the snow melting around tree bases is making grooming tricky. Please feel free to use the sides of the ski trails to snowshoe.

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Spring Passes are on Sale – Get the best prices for next season, and ski for free thru the end of this season if you are a new passholder.


Why we are not grooming more trails

There are many reasons why we are limiting the number of trails we are opening.  The #1 reason as always is we aim for quality over quantity of surface. The snow changes daily with different temperatures, sun exposure and freezing and thawing. Our Groomers  know snow, the trails, the machines, and the quality of skiing our customers expect, and they do all they can to deliver!  Sometines they do an early morning shift followed by a full evening shift to get the conditions right.

Every year has its unique challenges.  Usually we are fighting low snow conditions at this time of year, but this year has been very different with all these big / windy storms. 

     – The 50’+ of snow that has fallen this season has put us up where we havent been before in the tree canopy. Before we can open trails we are having to do a bunch of branch removal to safely get the machines through.

     – The sun is strong this time of year and the  tree wells are huge, and take a lot of pushing to fill them to get a level trail. This is tricky in the narrower than usual tralls. 

     – Andromeda is closed due to the close proximity of the skiing surface to the energy transfer lines.

     – Firewalker and Hastings openings are always subject to Avalanche danger for both the groomers and skiers.



 Open   Closed   Scheduled

 Dog Friendly

Home Range

Name Level Groomed Status Message
Aspen  Easier/Beginner
Cup of Tea  Easier/Beginner
Lions Leap  Easier/Beginner
Meadow Loop  Easier/Beginner
Night Hawk  Easier/Beginner
North Fork  Easier/Beginner
Piece of Cake  Easier/Beginner
Pony Express  Easier/Beginner
Practice Hill  Easier/Beginner
Wombats Ramble  Easier/Beginner
Big Dipper  Intermediate
Boot Scoot – Lower  Intermediate
Chickadee  Intermediate
Doggy Dipper – Lower  Intermediate
Dogonit  Intermediate
Dogs in Space  Intermediate
Downward Dog  Intermediate
Glenn’s Gallop  Intermediate
Little Dipper  Intermediate
Rough Rider  Intermediate
Silver Streak  Intermediate
Sundance  Intermediate
Tumbleweed  Intermediate
Wild West  Intermediate
Doggy Dipper – Upper  Intermediate
Dogs in Space Connector  Intermediate
Boot Scoot – Upper  Intermediate
Boot Hill  Most Difficult/Advanced
Corkscrew  Most Difficult/Advanced
Mineshaft  Most Difficult/Advanced
White Lightning  Most Difficult/Advanced

Upper Mountain

Name Level Groomed Status Message
Hastings  Easier/Beginner
OK  Easier/Beginner
Blue Extra  Intermediate
Crazy Horse – Lower (10 to 11)  Intermediate
Crazy Horse – Upper  Intermediate
Downhill Interconnect  Intermediate
Firewalker  Intermediate
Crazy Horse – Lower (10 to 9)  Intermediate
Andromeda  Most Difficult/Advanced
Captain Nordic  Most Difficult/Advanced
Drifter  Most Difficult/Advanced
Drifter S Turns  Most Difficult/Advanced
Far Side  Most Difficult/Advanced
Hawk’s Peak  Most Difficult/Advanced
Rolling Thunder  Most Difficult/Advanced
Hastings Cutoff  Expert
I’m OK Euer OK – Lower  Expert
I’m OK Euer OK – Middle  Expert
I’m OK Euer OK – Upper  Expert

Euer Valley

Name Level Groomed Status Message
Broken Spoke  Easier/Beginner
Coyote Crossing  Easier/Beginner
Hare’s Run  Easier/Beginner
Jack  Easier/Beginner
Last Round Up  Easier/Beginner
Lower Hideout  Easier/Beginner
Moonshine Meadow  Easier/Beginner
North Valley  Easier/Beginner
Paiute  Easier/Beginner
Rabbit  Easier/Beginner
South Valley Rd  Easier/Beginner
Washoe  Easier/Beginner
Cowboy Crossing  Intermediate
Hideout  Intermediate
High Noon  Intermediate
Miller Time  Intermediate
Quick Draw – North  Intermediate
Quick Draw – South  Intermediate
Ambush  Most Difficult/Advanced
Crabtree Canyon – Middle  Most Difficult/Advanced
Download  Most Difficult/Advanced
Far West  Most Difficult/Advanced
Showdown  Most Difficult/Advanced
Crabtree Canyon – Lower  Most Difficult/Advanced
Crabtree Canyon – Upper  Most Difficult/Advanced
Crabtree Canyon – Loop  Most Difficult/Advanced

Snowshoe Trails

Name Level Groomed Status Message
Bear Cub  Intermediate
Bearclaw  Intermediate
Cedar  Intermediate
Cougar  Intermediate
Jeffrey Pine  Intermediate
Logger’s Loop  Intermediate
Red Fir  Intermediate
Sequoia  Intermediate
Snowshow  Intermediate
Solitude  Intermediate
Solitude Shortcut  Intermediate
Tim’s Trek  Intermediate
Walkabout  Intermediate
Willow  Intermediate