We welcome cross country skiers looking for an “off-trail” adventure on Tahoe Donner’s spaces in the winter season. Experience all that the backcountry has to offer! While exploring, please note:

  • It is recommended that backcountry users receive education about the dangers of backcountry travel and avalanche safety.
  • In the event of an accident off the groomed trails, you may be held responsible for costs associated with search and rescue operations.
  • Tahoe Donner does not perform avalanche mitigation or ski patrol beyond the boundary.


All access within the Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area boundary in the winter (ski season) months requires compliance to the following rules. These rules also apply to those traveling through the ski area to access surrounding public lands. Even if you do not use Tahoe Donner trails and opt to solely utilize the back country area, these rules apply when you are within the ski area boundary.

  • A trail pass or season pass is mandatory for any access within the ski area boundary.
  • Access is only allowed during operational hours of 8:30AM-5PM unless otherwise noted on the online grooming report.
  • Entering the ski area boundary without a pass or outside of operational hours may result in prosecution under California Penal Code 537. The ski area assumes no responsibility for skiers or riders entering the cross country ski area boundary illegally.
  • Entering CLOSED AREAS is PROHIBITED for your safety and the safety of others. (see below for more details).
  • Dogs are NOT allowed within the ski area boundaries other than on designated dog trails with a dog season pass.
  • Respect neighboring private land boundaries and do not enter without permission.
  • Unauthorized motorized vehicles are not allowed on Tahoe Donner property at any time.
  • Tahoe Donner does not perform avalanche mitigation or ski patrol support beyond our boundary and takes no additional measures to mitigate the hazards to which skiers/boarders might be exposed. Persons skiing or riding beyond the ski area boundary assume all risks inherent in the backcountry. Before you leave the ski area boundary, please take the time to educate yourself about the backcountry.

Violators of the above rules are subject to prosecution under trespassing laws.


Closed areas within the cross country ski area trail system boundary are identified on the trail map. The areas remain closed to the public at all times when snow is present. Out-of-bounds areas are not patrolled by ski patrol and thereby increase the risk to skiers and riders who may become injured if they are in an out-of-bounds area. Tahoe Donner assumes no responsibility for skiers or riders entering closed areas within the cross country ski area boundary. Riding or skiing in closed areas can result in loss of pass or ticket, possible arrest by the Nevada County Sheriff and possible fine.

California Penal Code section 602(r) makes it a misdemeanor in California to enter a closed area.


Tahoe Donner Ski Area Boundary Map