2021 brings several important changes to Truckee’s short-term rental program, including the implementation of Truckee’s new Short-Term Rental Ordinance, a new annual registration process for all short-term rental (STR) properties and a change in tax rates. If you are an STR manager, Town staff would like to ensure you have the information you need to be ready for these important changes. Learn more here.

To preserve and protect the quiet residential nature of the Tahoe Donner community and address issues related to short-term rentals including over-crowding of homes and parking, the board of directors has approved new Short-Term Rental (STR) rules for all Tahoe Donner homeowners who short-term rent their property. The resolution and rules were passed on October 27, 2018, with an effective date of January 1, 2019.


  • All STR property owners are required to register with Tahoe Donner within 60-days from Jan 1, 2019.
  • After the effective date of January 1, 2019, property owners who commence a new short-term rental program are required to register within 30-days.
  • Registration for your STR property is FREE.
  • All STR owners must provide a real-time contact for the property.
  • If a nuisance complaint is made, owners or designated person must contact TDA within a 45-minute window.
  • All owners, renters and vacation renters must comply with Tahoe Donner Covenants Rules. Owners must provide complete Covenants Rules and other documentation to STR renters. It is also recommended to obtain a signed Renter Rule Acknowledgement Form (not required). To access the required documents, visit STR documents + tools.
  • STR residences must follow occupancy rules of no more than 2 people per bedroom plus 4 additional people total (children under the age of 7 are excluded from the occupancy count).
  • The number of parked vehicles shall not exceed spaces available in garages and on the driveway of the property.
  • Fines will be issued for violations of these STR rules or any other association rules after notice and hearing.
  • All STRs are required to register with the Town of Truckee for the Transient Occupancy Tax.


Note: Short-term rentals (“STRs”) are defined as residential properties in the Tahoe Donner development that are offered for rent or lease for less than thirty-one (31) continuous nights.

  • Background
    • SEPTEMBER 2017: STR/Amenity Taskforce is created by the board of directors after receiving feedback from members about concerns related to STRs and overcrowding of private amenities.
    • OCTOBER 2017: Tahoe Donner recruits members to sit on taskforce, including 40 members and six leaders representing both on- and off-hill residents as well as members who rent their homes and those who do not.
    • NOVEMBER 2017: Taskforce identifies primary nuisance problems experienced within Tahoe Donner community.
    • DECEMBER 2017: Board reviews and approves list of nuances and recommendations to publish education stories, which are turned into a reoccurring monthly visual reminder of rules in TD News. A variation of this can be found on page 14 of this issue, although additional rules are rotated through based on seasonality.
    • JANUARY 2018: Management implements push for further education on how to make a complaint, as well as additional hours of staffed compliance hotline and simplified complaint process.
    • FEBRUARY 2018: Taskforce does extensive research on how other communities are managing identified nuances and “traffic” related to STRs.
    • APRIL 2018: Taskforce presents formal recommendations to board for review.
    • MAY 2018: Recommendations reviewed by staff and legal counsel. Preparation of draft rules completed.
    • JUNE 2018: Taskforce writes two-page update story for TD News. Board reviews draft proposed rules and approves 45-Day Notice.
    • JULY 2018: 45-Day Notice of proposed rules is published in TD News requesting that members review the rules and provide feedback during the 45-day period. 45-Day Notice posted on website and Nextdoor.
    • AUGUST 2018: Member comments were heard at the August 24, 2018 meeting and rules were further discussed resulting in an extension of comment period through October 27, 2018.
    • SEPTEMBER 22, 2018: The BOD discussed member comments and rules at the Sept 22 BOD meeting.
    • OCTOBER 27, 2018: STR Rules were approved.
    • NOVEMBER 2018:All members were mailed a copy of the newly approved STR rules. Ongoing communications to all members on new rules, key dates and registration information.
    • JANUARY 1, 2019: Registration opens.
    • MARCH, 2019: Enforcement period begins. All current STR owners must be registered to avoid fines. New STR owners must register within a 30-day time period.