Reserve your tennis and pickleball fun online at!


  1. Members can log in to reserve the next day’s tennis/pickleball courts at 7AM
  2. Guests can log in to reserve the next day’s tennis/pickleball courts at 12PM
  3. The maximum length of time a court can be reserved is 120 minutes
  4. Court reservations beginning at 8:30AM, 9AM or 9:30AM are restricted to 90 minutes
  5. No back-to-back bookings of the same group are allowed at any time
  6. Any back-to-back bookings of the same group will be canceled
  7. Members/guests of the same households are allowed one court reservation per day
  8. Reservations times once completed will allow members/guests to rebook later that same day
  9. Please indicate all members/guests in your court reservations in order to limit the chance of double bookings
  10. Members and Guests can log in to reserve the next day’s tennis and pickleball machines at 12PM
  11. Play cannot begin prior to the 7:30AM opening time and cannot continue later than the 8PM closing time

Call (530) 587-9474 and choose Option 2 if you have questions about the court reservation policy or need help navigating the online system.


  1. Click “Book Courts” at the top of your screen
  2. Select time section to see availability
  3. Choose date by using the arrows (top left) or by clicking the date at the top-left portion of the page
  4. All courts are listed from left to right in the order they need to be reserved
  5. Book all courts beginning with the court on the furthest left of the screen with the time slot you would like to reserve
  6. All court reservations will be slid to the earliest open time on the left side of the list that fits your booking time frame
  7. Choose by clicking the “RESERVE” button at that time slot
  8. Complete the reservation form, including all other members and guests in your group based on your specified booking type

You will get an email confirmation upon reserving your court.


Court reservations and cancellation fees are the responsibility of the person who booked the reservation.

We ask that members cancel their court/ball machine reservations at least two hours in advance of their reservation time.

Multiple late cancellations may result in removal from the reservation system.


  1. Click “MY PROFILE” at the top-right portion of your screen
  2. Find date and time of upcoming reservation you wish to cancel; then click “DETAILS” button on the right
  3. Click red “CANCEL RESERVATION” button in upper left

Please feel free to contact our staff at any time to reserve courts, cancel reservations or ask a question. We are here to help!

To sign up for clinics and have full access to CourtReserve in an even easier format, please download the CourtReserve mobile app.