Common rules which frequently result in neighbor complaints and possible citing of violations with fines starting at a minimum of $100 and up to $5,000 to owners include:

  • Parking off pavement – no parking trailers, vehicles or other equipment off paved or approved surface
  • Noxious Activities:
    • Noise – loud music and partying between quiet hours of 10PM-7AM. Sound travels far in the cold mountain air, thus keep music and gatherings inside during these courtesy quiet hours.
    • Barking, dog at large and/or aggressive dogs
  • Dogs on Leash – Pets must be on leash on Tahoe Donner property
    • Pets must be on leash or within voice control on Town of Truckee streets
  • Storage – Store items within enclosed storage areas (ladders, furniture, etc.)
  • “Dumping” or leaving for “free” furniture, equipment, clothes, etc.
  • Trash Spills – Please take the time to educate your guests or tenants regarding the proper use of the Animal Resistance Garbage Can Enclosure (ARGCE) unit. The metal units can be breached if not property secured. The locking mechanism key, if required, should not be left in the lock as it can be manipulated or broken off by our local bears. The disposal company’s employees carry keys to all Tahoe Donner Association approved garbage can enclosures. During winter conditions, please make sure the enclosure door is accessible to the garbage company. Make sure any snow that’s built up in front of the door is removed prior to Tuesday’s garbage day pickup. The garbage company will not empty the enclosure if there’s a wall of snow in front of it or the door is frozen shut.
  • Warming fire – warming fires are only allowed in properly screen and contained warming fire container
  • No fireworks or other unauthorized fires
  • Drones are prohibited on Tahoe Donner owned property, unless authorized by Tahoe Donner management. This includes all green belts, open space, and trail system.
  • Private property trespass – keep all activities on your property. Do not enter your neighbor’s property or utilize their property for any purpose, this includes parking, snow sledding and snow play, storage, etc.
  • Use of amenities outside normal operational hours is prohibited. For example,
    • Only registered golfers can use the golf course, no walking, snowmobiling, biking, skating, grass play, sledding or other activities on the golf course.
    • No sledding or skiing at the Downhill Ski Resort or Cross Country Ski Center

This is an abbreviated list of the Covenants rules. For a full list visit Note, any violation of Tahoe Donner rules, even resulting by tenants or guests, fall on the homeowner’s responsibility including hearings and possible fines levied because of violations.