The Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) is responsible for administering the Architectural Standards Rules, Procedures and Restrictions for Land Use and abide by and uphold Tahoe Donner’s governing documents (C&R’s).

The ASC is made up of volunteers who are property owners in Tahoe Donner. The ASC members have experience within the building and construction industry and are appointed by the board of directors. The ASC will consider and act upon all applications for improvements. Approval from the ASC must be obtained prior to starting any project and prior to changing any exterior aspect of a previously approved project.

Please note, governmental agencies with more restrictive regulations will prevail.


Architectural Standards Committee:

Rod Whitten, Chair

Nick Sonder, Member

Mitch Clarin, Member

David Hipkins, Alternate

Bill Staehlin, Alternate

Debra Phelps, Alternate

Joe Veni, Alternate

Graham Reid, Alternate

Contact the Architectural Standards Committee: