Day Camp Sessions
Session 1: June 20-24 | SOLD OUT
Session 2: June 27-July 1 | SOLD OUT
Session 3: July 5-8* | SOLD OUT
Session 4: July 11-15 | SOLD OUT
Session 5: July 18-22 | SOLD OUT
Session 6: July 25-29 | SOLD OUT
Session 7: Aug. 1-5 | SOLD OUT
Session 8: Aug. 8-12 | SOLD OUT

*Session 3 will only be four days; no camp on July 4.

See 2022 Camps + Programs on-sale dates and descriptions.


  • In advance of registrationensure all child members, including those 6 and under, are set up on your ShopTD online profile as members.
    • If you are unsure if your children are set up correctly in ShopTD, please contact Member Services in advance. If you need to make changes to your profile on registration day, it may result in not being able to purchase the program you desire.
    • Note, you can view all individuals on your account by logging in to and clicking “My Account.” If you added individuals to your ShopTD account yourself, then an additional step is required by contacting Member Services in order for them to be eligible for registration.
    • If you have never logged into ShopTD and are having trouble creating an account, click here for more information or watch our short how-to video.
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  • Anticipate longer-than-normal online wait times. You may be placed in our ShopTD virtual waiting room during high-traffic periods.
  • Be sure to check out within 15 minutes of adding items to your cart. Please preplan the programs you wish to purchase, because once you have added items to your cart, those items are reserved for you for up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, those items may be allocated to other members, and you may receive an error at checkout.


    1. Create a new account or sign in to your existing account at  Contact Member Services at to add additional Tahoe Donner members to your online profile, including those ages 6 and under. Children ages 7 and up may be subject to member fees. Guests of members can be added to your account online under “My Account.” Guests will need a transferrable guest card ID number.
    2. Select the programs you would like to purchase, then complete the check-out process.
    3. Electronically sign the necessary waiver forms you receive during the check-out process.
    4. For questions or more information, contact Member Services at (530) 587-9400, ext. 0.

NOTE: Tennis and Golf camps require registration via their respective phone numbers. Need help setting up your ShopTd member account? Watch our short video.

Age requirements are strictly enforced. Please take careful note of the age level requirements for each camp program and make sure that your child is eligible to attend that program. The age requirements are established for the safety and well-being of your child. Age requirements are enforced as of the first day of the session in which your child is registered. If a child is found to be registered for a program that he/she is not eligible for, his/her registration will be cancelled and no refund will be given. There will be no exceptions with children’s ages for camp. All children must be potty-trained to attend any camp. Children in pull-ups will not be allowed to attend camp. Children attending High Mountain Kids Camp must be at least 3 years old the first day of the session they are attending.

Please only sign up your child for a maximum of four weeks so other children can attend our camps.