The Tahoe Donner Forestry Department is tasked with managing forest health throughout the association. It is the responsibility of all homeowners to ensure that unhealthy/dead trees are removed from their property to protect the forest from disease, infestation and various hazards.

Managing small, private lots is much different from open areas (non-residential property). California State Standards require that some dead trees (snags) remain in open areas. This provides critical habitat for many of our native furry and feathery neighbors. Certified and trained staff will make the decision as to which trees should remain for wildlife and preservation. You will commonly see dead trees near wetlands and waterways, as these will provide the best habitat zone while reducing the risk of wildfire.

If you believe that you have infested, diseased, damaged or dead tree(s), please notify the Forestry Department as soon as possible for evaluation and proper permitting to remove any trees.

You can request a tree removal permit by clicking here.

The association would like to thank its members for their diligence in keeping properties clear of dead trees to promote a healthier and fire-adapted Tahoe Donner.