Tahoe Donner’s Accounting Department manages the association’s financial affairs and presents financial information to members in a variety of reports. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our accounting department.

With the launch of the new secure member portal on October 18, all financial documents will only be accessible through the portal beginning December 1.

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Operating Fund Activity YTD – August 2021 (Unaudited)

Excluding Assessment Revenues

  Actual Budget Variance –
Fav (Unfav)
Revenue $10,403,769 $10,029,306 $374,463
Expense $(12,946,231) $(13,652,391) $706,160
Net Operating Results (Loss)  $(2,542,462) $(3,623,085) $1,080,623

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position as of:

  August 31, 2021
August 31, 2020

Assets $80,616,932 $74,814,164  
Liabilities $7,774,839 $6,448,341  
Members’ Equity $72,842,093 $68,365,823