If you’d like to be more involved with Tahoe Donner, consider running for the board. “Get involved!” said Bonzon. “Join one of our clubs and actively participate in its management; attend board meetings; volunteer for one of our committees, a lot of work is done in them, and you’ll get to know and understand the operations of the association.”

Anyone considering running for the board should keep in mind that decisions made affect the entire community, which needs to be considered and represented at all times.

“Be ready to fully commit to putting in the time and effort into understanding as best you can and putting aside your own personal agenda, and focus on what the needs of our 6,500 unit members are,” Miller said. Wulff concurred. “Being on the board is not about having a private agenda,” he said. “Keep in mind that you are responsible for all of Tahoe Donner, not just what may interest you,” he added.

If you decide to run, former board member Courtney Murrell recommends that you “talk to the various board members and get their perspective on time commitment and the best ways to get involved in the association.” She suggests that you ask what board members like and dislike about the board experience. “Good board members stay informed by attending quite a few meetings aside from regular monthly board meetings and are involved in committees,” she adds.

Lastly, Miller reminds us that “there will always be defenders and know there will always be a middle ground in any expected change or argument that comes up. Be able to listen well.” And know that your volunteer time is greatly appreciated.

Visit the Board Elections section of the website for information on the next election and more.