Tahoe Donner Trails


This summer, the Trails Department is implementing two important initiatives directly addressing the sustainability of the trails and the friendly vibe we all love about the trail system: an Adaptive Management Pilot Program and an Ambassador Program. Through feedback last summer and the electric bicycle (e-bike) regulation evaluation and member outreach process earlier this year, many important themes became apparent. Of foremost concern for the membership is sustaining the beloved trail system and its ethos.

In response to the membership, these new initiatives include focused on-the-ground testing of best adaptive management practices and the reestablishment of a stewardship culture in open spaces and the trail system. Implementation is happening this season through education and communication efforts to address both short-term issues and long-term planning. These initiatives are taking steps toward evolving the Trails Master Plan under an Open Space Master Plan and new trail developments. Staff look forward to member participation in both programs. Phase 1 of the Pilot Program does not address e-bikes. You can read the latest updates on e-bike regulation here.


The Tahoe Donner Trail System is the ultimate playground for hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers and equestrians with more than 60 miles of trails and fire access service roads spanning over 5,000 acres. With thousands of users, horses and dogs included, it is important that we all work together and observe basic trail rules and etiquette to keep the backcountry safe and enjoyable for everyone.