COVID-19 Policies + Procedures


  • Members and guests will need their member card or guest cards to enter through the gatehouse check-in station.
  • Once checked in, members or guests will proceed down the boat ramp to access the beach. 
  • There will be no loitering at Beach Club Marina prior to and after beach access. 
  • Restrooms will be open and available for use. Please wash and/or sanitize your hands before and after entering and exiting the restroom.


  • Dogs are not permitted at the Beach Club Marina unless they are a service animal. The only exception is if you and your dog are entering the State Park from the Beach Club Marina parking lot or taking your dog on your personal boat; your dog must be on leash.
  • Do not leave any trash, clothing, equipment or personal belongings on the beach after you have completed your beach time. These items will most likely be thrown out if found. 
  • Follow best hygiene practices. No spitting or snot rockets are allowed anywhere at the marina at any time. Please bring a tissue, towel, hanky, or old t-shirt if you feel the need to engage in these activities. 
  • Do not handle any other person’s belongings.