Construction Begins Soon

The Town of Truckee has several projects scheduled on the streets in Tahoe Donner, as well as downtown Truckee which may impact travel through detours and travel time.

Tahoe Donner Trail (Class 1) Project

Work will resume on the trail in late May/early June. Much of Phase 2 of the project was completed prior to snowfall this last fall and this summer the trail will be completed with the bridge over Trout Creek and other trail amenities such as trash receptacles and pet waste stations. Be on the lookout for the Town to announce a ribbon cutting ceremony at some point in the summer.

Paving and Drainage Project

A pavement overlay is scheduled for the Northwoods Boulevard loop, Fjord Road and Alder Creek Road from Fjord Road to Hwy 89. Drainage improvements are also proposed at various locations on these streets as a part of the project prior to the pavement overlay. The work will most likely occur in late summer/early fall.

Slurry Seal Project

The Tahoe Donner streets that are scheduled to receive a slurry seal in late summer/early fall are highlighted in the map below. A more detailed schedule and notifications of the work will be provided by the Town during the project.


For a construction map of the slurry projects for all of Truckee, click here.

The Town of Truckee also has a few larger construction projects that will not directly impact Tahoe Donner but will impact traffic in the downtown and SR 89 area:

Brickelltown Streetscape Project

Project will construct streetscape improvements from the McIver Roundabout to the limits of the recently completed Phase 1, including new sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, crosswalks, repaving Donner Pass Road, undergrounding of utilities, and parking improvements on the north and south side of Donner Pass Road. Construction has started and will include both day and night work. More information on the construction schedule may be found here:

West River Widening and Bike Lane Project

Project will reconstruct and widen West River Street from Riverside Drive to Placer County. Construction will likely start in June and will take 2-3 months to complete. Most work will be done at night.

State Route 89 Mousehole Pedestrian/Bicycle Tunnel Project

Work on this project to complete the paths leading to the tunnel, the transit shelter, and other miscellaneous items will start in May and will likely be complete in July. Work will mostly occur in the shoulder and traffic delays should be minimal. For more information on Town of Truckee projects visit:

Water Upgrades

In addition to Town of Truckee, TDPUD and Aspen Developers are currently planning to upgrade the following:

In the orange highlighted areas below on the map, and starting on May 9 and finishing around June 17th, open trenching and slip-lines will be underway at the Southwest corner of Trout Creek Recreation Center parking lot (consuming approximately 35 parking stalls with staging and trenching), with excavation extending down to the Ball Shack, with slip-line installation under the adjacent cart path, and excavation alongside portions of cart path below the pool and playground area, then slip-lining up into the Condos, located between Z’s Market and The Lodge.  These improvements will require above-ground temporary water supply, and a temporary water disconnect on specific dates, to be further scheduled and communicated with Pool Maintenance and Trout Creek Staff.

In the yellow highlighted areas below on the map, TDPUD and Aspen Developers will also open trenches along Northwoods Blvd, between Julian Avenue and the unpaved parking lot at far end of driving range (at Nature Loop parking). Click to download the map. This scope is anticipated to be completed around our July 2-3 concerts. Although construction equipment and materials will be present, TDPUD aims to maintain parking lot access and adjacent on-street parking needs for our events.


May 4, 2016

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New Boat Launching Policy

Tahoe Donner Beach Club Marina

Boat Launch Rules

We will resume trailered boat launching at the marina this summer. The information we gathered through the town hall meeting and survey process this past February was very valuable in helping us understand what is important to our membership. Over the past few months all the feedback was reviewed by staff and the board of directors resulting in board action at its meeting on Friday, April 22. The board approved procedures and protocols to begin with this season’s marina opening. Please review the boat ramp rules below and contact the Beach Club Marina staff at 530-587-9460 if you have any questions.

Members who wish to launch a trailered vessel at the Beach Club Marina are required to register the vessel with Tahoe Donner.

To register:

  • Bring a copy of your vessel registration
  • Bring proof of insurance for your vessel with Tahoe Donner named as additionally insured
  • Be prepared to sign a release of liability waiver

Once your registration is complete, a sticker will be issued which you will present to the marina staff at time of launch. Marina staff will direct you on where to affix your sticker on your boat.

There are three ways to register your vessel:
You may download a copy of the agreement form or register online.

  • At Member Services: You may register in person by bringing the above stated documents to Member Services in the Northwoods Clubhouse. Save time by downloading the form and filling it out in advance. You will receive a 2016 sticker to affix to your boat on the driver’s side.
  • Online: If you register online, bring the above stated documents to Member Services in the Northwoods Clubhouse or to the Beach Club Marina boat ramp. Those who register online do not need to bring a signed copy of the agreement form, as your digital signature will be recorded. You will receive a 2016 sticker to affix to your boat on the driver’s side.
  • At the Beach Club Marina: While you can register here, it is encouraged that you register at Member Services or online well in advance of your first boat outing to avoid confusion, congestion, and delay at the Beach Club. If you do decide to register at the Beach Club Marina, bring the above stated documents and the signed boat agreement form (download here). You will receive a 2016 sticker to affix to your boat on the driver’s side.

• The launch area will be staffed with personnel dedicated to direct traffic and monitor activity in the launch area. Please follow the directions of the ramp monitor at all times.
• Launching and loading your vessel requires two people. Solo launching/loading is not permitted. There must be two people: one to observe the ramp and launch zone for pedestrians and other hazards, and the other to manage the tow vehicle. Marina staff may not drive either the vessel or the tow vehicle, nor may they be the observation person.
• All members or guests on board are charged a daily access fee, even if they do not plan to use other Beach Club facilities.

Again, please feel free to contact the Beach Club manager, Ali Kovach, at 530-587-9460 with any questions concerning the changes to the launch policies.

April 25, 2016

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Tahoe Donner Purchases 640-Acre Crabtree Canyon

Tahoe Donner to Purchase and Preserve 640-Acre Crabtree Canyon

With approval from its board of directors, Tahoe Donner Association is working with the Truckee Donner Land Trust and their partners, The Nature Conservancy and The Northern Sierra Partnership, to move forward with the acquisition of a 640-acre parcel of land located in Carpenter Valley and adjacent to Tahoe Donner’s existing 6,700-plus acres and Euer Valley.

The southern-most portion of the property, which includes Crabtree Canyon, is a gateway between Euer Valley and Carpenter Valley and will be owned and managed by Tahoe Donner. This is phase one of a much larger open space effort by Truckee Donner Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and The Northern Sierra Partnership. Further protection will be ensured by a permanent conservation easement held by the Truckee Donner Land Trust. The larger surrounding Carpenter Valley property, which has remained in private hands since the mid-19th century, is expected to be part of a Truckee Donner Land Trust purchase in 2017.

Our association’s vision as a desirable mountain community includes providing attractive and well-maintained facilities and amenities while maintaining accessible and healthy natural surroundings. The acquisition of the Crabtree parcel will also protect Tahoe Donner’s borders from future development.

In addition to preserving, protecting and maintaining Crabtree Canyon, this land parcel will also create new recreational opportunities for Tahoe Donner residents.

“This purchase also expands services to our membership,” Miller said. “It will allow Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area to reopen 16 percent of our Nordic ski terrain that had previously closed due to land use concerns,” Miller explained. Tahoe Donner will also be exploring future opportunities over this property for hiking, biking, and equestrian usage in accordance with its comprehensive trails master plan and land use master plan.

Working with the Truckee Donner Land Trust, Tahoe Donner’s General Plan Committee, management and staff were able to negotiate the Crabtree Canyon purchase for less than $800 per acre. The Land Trust originally purchased this parcel for $2.4 million; our purchase price was $500,000, which equates to under $80 per Tahoe Donner member. Also, the funding for this purchase will require no special assessment to existing Tahoe Donner homeowners. It is covered by the development fund portion of the association’s existing budget, which is comprised of a percentage of each homeowner’s annual assessment.

Non-motorized summer and winter activities will be encouraged on the new parcel of land and officials from the Truckee Donner Land Trust envision a loop trail around the valley, with plans to link Tahoe Donner Independence Lake Preserve via a new trail system. Additionally, with our own forestry department actively working to minimize the threat of wildfire, and with motorized recreational vehicles prohibited throughout the year, this purchase successfully protects additional resources and valuable open space, allowing us to further achieve our vision and guiding principles, which include environmental stewardship.

“This land acquisition helps us move forward in keeping with our guiding principles, which includes environmental stewardship,” said Robb Etnyre, Tahoe Donner’s general manager. “The majority of our members surveyed last summer identified protecting and investing in open space and trails as a top priority for the association.”

“Carpenter Valley is one of the most spectacular — and little known — valleys in the entire Northern Sierra. Preserving the pristine natural beauty of our surroundings and ensuring continued recreational access is of utmost importance to us,” said Perry Norris, executive director of the Truckee Donner Land Trust. “This is a critical open space that is of great value to our community, and we are pleased to work with Tahoe Donner Association to help us protect it.”

Norris added that this land deal will help the Truckee Donner Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and The Northern Sierra Partnership with a future land acquisition of the larger Carpenter Valley area in 2017. Once acquired, that property will be open to the public for the first time in over a century. An announcement will be made once this larger purchase is officially completed.

Future article on this open space acquisition will be published in the May issue of Tahoe Donner News.

See a larger version of this map.

More information:

About the Truckee Donner Land Trust

The Truckee Donner Land Trust preserves and protects scenic, historic and recreational lands with high natural resource values in the greater Truckee Donner region and manage recreational activities on these lands in a sustainable manner. Learn more at:

Media Contact:
Perry Norris
Truckee Donner Land Trust
Ph: 530-386-7605

April 7, 2016

Our Communication Process

How do we communicate with Tahoe Donner members? How do homeowners give us their feedback? Take a look at this infographic.


March 11, 2016

February 20 Town Hall Meeting Summary

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Town Hall Meeting on Saturday afternoon at The Lodge Restaurant & Pub. Over 85 of your fellow members showed up to provide feedback regarding waterline safety and the boat ramp at the Beach Club Marina. If you would like to see the presentation from the meeting, including the feedback from the audience, click here. At the next Board of Director meeting on Feb. 27, discussion and review of the feedback from the town hall meeting and the results of the survey on the subject will occur.

Again, thank you all for providing feedback in our efforts to make our Beach Club Marina a more enjoyable and safe environment for our members.
See the results of this past summer’s Capital Improvement Survey  here.

February 22, 2016

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