Video: Special Board of Directors Meeting: June 1, 2019

Association News, Member News

First Agenda
1. Call to Order/Call for Quorum, Don Koenes, Board President

2. Member & Director Comments

3. Discussion/Action: “The Board in a special emergency meeting will reconsider and may rescind its action taken on April 27, 2019 removing Director Jennings as President of the Board and installing Director Koenes as Board President, Jeff Connors, Board Treasurer

4. Adjournment

Second Agenda
1. Board of Directors Re-Convene

2. Executive Session Removed from Agenda
3. Return to Open Session Removed from Agenda
4. Discussion/Action: Attorney-Client Communications, Board of Directors Removed from Agenda

5. Discussion/Action: Board of Director Officer Positions, Board of Directors

7. Break

6. Discussion/Action: Classification of 2019 Budgeted Replacement Reserve Fund Legal Expense for Governing Document Update Project, Michael Salmon, Director of Finance and Accounting

8. Discussion/Action: Tahoe Donner Governing Document Update Project, Annie Rosenfeld, Director of Risk and Real Property

11. Discussion/Action: Consent Calendar

9. Executive Session

10. Action out of Executive Session, Not Recorded

12. Adjournment