Board of Directors

Tahoe Donner Board of Directors

Pictured above is a General Plan Committee (GPC) meeting in session. The GPC is one of six board committees. See the committees page for more information.

Tahoe Donner’s board of directors is the governing body of the association and ultimately responsible for the direction and oversight of the affairs of the organization. Tahoe Donner’s board of directors is made up of unpaid volunteers elected by the membership. Members of the board of directors act as representatives for the property owners of Tahoe Donner and, as such, they must become familiar with, abide by, and uphold the association’s governing documents, such as the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs), the bylaws, and the rules and regulations contained in the covenants rules. These governing documents establish the specific duties and powers of the board, outline the parameters of board authority and jurisdiction, and establish the rules that are required for the good of the community.


Steve Miller, President

Elected: 2011

Served from 2011-2013

Current Term: 2014-2017

See Steve’s bio.


Jim Stang, Vice President

Elected 2013

Current Term: 2013-2016

See Jim’s bio.

Jeff 2

Jeff Bonzon, Treasurer

Elected 2015

Current Term 2015-2018

See Jeff’s bio.


Ron Wulff, Director

Elected 2014

Served from 2001-2005

Served from 2007-2010

Served from 2010-2013

Current Term: 2014-2017

See Ron’s bio.

courtney 1.JPG

Courtney Murrell, Secretary

Elected 2013

Served 2013-2016

Current Term: 2013-2016

See Courtney’s bio.

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Tahoe Donner Governing Documents (PDF)

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