Q. What is Tahoe Donner? 
A: Tahoe Donner is one of America’s largest homeowner’s associations, with nearly 6,500 properties and 25,000 members enjoying over 7,300 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Tahoe Donner is an eclectic community with a passion for outdoor recreation and a celebration of the Tahoe lifestyle.

Located just 20 miles from Lake Tahoe in Truckee, California, Tahoe Donner operates a wide variety of recreational facilities – some of which are for members only and others which are also open to the general public. These amenities can be explored in detail on this website.


Q: Do you sell guest passes?
A: No, because we are a homeowners association, the passes are all linked to a property. Each home gets two passes. Each pass allows four guests to enter a private amenity and pay an $8 fee if they are with a member and $12 if they are without a member but have a transferable guest card. This is a daily fee and you can go in and out for the same fee.

Q: Can you allow more than four guests per card?
A: No, the amenities only allow four guests per card.

Q: Are guests free if they are accompanied by a member?
A: Guests with a member pay an $8 fee to access the private amenities and guest without a member but have a guest card pay $12. There is no year-round rate for guests, just a daily fee. Once the guests pay this daily fee, they can access any of the private amenities during the same day.

Q: How much is the annual assessment for Tahoe Donner?
A: For 2018, the assessment is $1,900 and is due January 1. Bills were mailed in November. If you are a homeowner, and didn’t receive one, please contact our accounting office. Assessments are payable by a check and can be mailed to the association or put in the box outside the Member Services office or may also be paid online.

Q: Can I pay the assessment with credit card?
A: You may pay via third party official payments over the phone or online. Fee applies. Rec fee with CC no problem. Here is the link www.officialpayments.com

Q: What is the recreation fee? How does it work? Is it pro-rated?
A: The Rec Fee runs May 1 through April 30, and includes entrance to Tahoe Donner’s private facilities. It is applicable to the four members listed on the property; however, additional memberships are available at a cost of $100. A total of 8 members can be on a property. The rec fee allows you annual unlimited access to our private amenities:

  • Winter: Trout Creek Recreation Center, public Snowplay
  • Summer: Trout Creek Recreation Center, Beach Club Marina, Tennis Club, Northwoods Pool

The 2018-2019 cost is $270 and will apply to every member on your property. It is not pro-rated.

Q: I would like to change the four members on my property. Can I do this?
A: The four members need to stay the same from May 1–April 30. If the member hasn’t used their member card, they can make a switch with membership. If the member has used it, the change can be made starting May 1 of the following year. From May 1—April 30 no changes may be made.

Q: How many people can we put on our property?
A: You can put four family members on the property. You may have one co-habitant on the property. You can purchase four additional passes for $100 each for a total of eight member passes. There is no limit to how many onestore children* can be added to your property, as long as they are members. 

*Any child can be a onestore child as long as they are (1) related to a Tahoe Donner member, and (2) under 7 years of age. Member Services adds onestore children to property profiles so that the adult member can register the child for programs at the member rate. Once a child reaches 7 years of age, they will either be removed from the property profile or added to the property profile as one of the four family members (or an additional pass will need to be purchased for the child for $100).

Q: How do I get new guest cards?
A: Only the owner of the property may request guest cards; or an owner may request permission for a member on the property by submitting an email to info@tahoedonner.com. Include first and last name, Tahoe Donner address, and who will be picking them up. Guest cards are $5 each.

Q: I am renting a Tahoe Donner property; how do I get membership?
A: The owner needs to fill out an Owner Relinquish form and there must be a lease of nine months or greater. After both of these forms are turned in, renters on the lease qualify for membership. The owner doesn’t have membership privileges on an Owner Relinquish property.

Q: How do I get a mailbox in Tahoe Donner?
A: Property owners may apply for a mailbox through the United States Postal Service on Jibboom Street. While Tahoe Donner helps supply the mailboxes in Tahoe Donner, they are assigned through the post office. Full-time residents qualify for these boxes first. Most second homeowners do not obtain mailboxes. If you would like one, you may find a PO box is a good option. UPS and Fed Ex deliver to homes in Tahoe Donner.