Covenants, Regulations and Rules

  • Tahoe Donner Governing Documents (pdf)
  • Association policies and procedures
  • Covenants¬†(pdf)
    These rules address what are defined as “separate interests” within the association. Covenants rules pertain to people’s behaviors, including amenity usage, lot improvement, parking and business activities within Tahoe Donner boundaries.
  • In Tahoe Donner, keeping garbage protected from bears, raccoons and other wildlife is important. That’s why we insist upon having an approved enclosure that conforms to covenants guidelines for garbage that is stored outside of a house. To download an Animal Resistant Garbage Can Enclosure Application (pdf) or an approved list of Animal Resistant Garbage Can Enclosures (pdf), please see the Architectural Standards forms page.

Forms may be faxed to 530-587-9427.