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Trail Rides

Trail Rides

Our experienced wranglers and trail-wise horses will take you on a ride through high mountain forests and upland meadows or down into the lush Euer Valley full of wild flowers, grazing cattle and icy cold mountain streams. Stands of quaking aspen, willows, pines and fir, and thickets of manzanita are home to the wildlife of the High Sierra. California black bears, mule deer, chickarees and red-tail hawks are frequently spotted during rides. The chatter of squirrels, the whir of a quail’s wings as it flees into the brush, the occasional screech of a hawk, along with the whisper of wind in the trees all blend into a background of natural music punctuated with the hoof beats of your mount. You’ll sway in your saddle, relaxed, with the warm sun on your shoulders; for a brief hour or two, take a break from the electronic world. The only communication devices needed are the reins guiding your horse.

Trail riders must be at least 7 years old and 4 feet tall. Our weight limit is approximately 215 pounds. These are scenic walking rides in western saddles and are offered upon availability. Reservations are required/24 hour cancellation policy.

One-hour rides
Days and Times: Wednesday – Sunday 9 a.m to 3 p.m, by Reservation only and based on availability.
Cost: Members $49, Guests $54, Public $59

Two-hour rides
Available upon request, please call 530-587-9470 for more information.
Cost: Members $98, Guests $108, Public $118

Long pants and boots or closed-toe shoes are required for all rides including pony rides. No hiking boots. Riding helmets are mandatory for all riders under the age of 18 and are provided.

Please note the two-hour ride covers more challenging terrain and is not recommended for beginner riders.

Pony Rides

Pony rides are for children ages 2 – 6 weighing 60 lbs. or less. The parent leads the pony on a walk around our pony trail. Reservations are recommended.

Days and Times: Wednesday – Sunday 9 a.m to 3 p.m.
Cost: Members $24, Guests $29, Public $34


Reservations are required for all rides. To make a reservation, call (530) 587-9470. If you get our voicemail, please leave your name and number; your call will be returned shortly. A credit card number is required to secure all reservations. Please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for trail and pony rides and a 72-hour cancellation policy for BBQs. We do not accept reservations or cancellations by email.


Helmets are mandatory for all riders under the age of 18 and are strongly recommended for those 18 and older. Helmets are provided free of charge. Riders may bring their own certified riding helmet if they wish.

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