Special/Banquet Event Tent Replacement Options – Member Feedback Requested

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The event tent, located behind the Lodge Restaurant & Pub during our summer and fall seasons, has been due for replacement since 2015. The original tent was purchased in 2004, when the Lodge was first opened. It has seen 12 years of service, and is reaching the end of its useful life. The tent has been subject to quite a bit of wear and tear throughout the years due to weather, usage, multiple installations and break downs, storage and transport. By replacing components of the tent such as the lower window panels and interior white dress liners, staff has been able to extend the tent’s useful life by several years. However, damage and repairs far exceed simple fixes, resulting in the need to replace the entire tent.

Considerations: Lower Profile and Alternative Colors

A few objectives have been established, based on a variety of feedback, in considering a replacement structure.

  1. Lower the overall profile of the tent, without losing the grand interior vaulted ceiling feel for customers renting the tent
  2. Consider the color of the tent for optimal benefit

The current tent is made up of three main spires that are 21 feet tall. The desired new model for a tent would have more of a horizontal, straight-line roof profile, being uniformly 18 feet tall. By lowering the overall profile of a new tent by 3 feet, it will assist in opening the view from the dining room windows at the Lodge.

Staff has researched numerous color options for a new tent, in addition to the color white, but have concluded that a white-colored tent continues to be the most popular desire of our clients. Regionally, most tent rental companies are utilizing white tents for 99% of their rentals. We have obtained a sample of the color "eggshell," which in a matte finish would reduce glare and would not be as bright as the existing tent, which was white with a gloss finish. The model that staff is interested in will have clear panels on 3 sides of the tent facing the golf course. In addition, the new tent will be surrounded by new landscaping (medium trees and/or tall shrubs) between the tent and the Lodge, to further obscure some of the visibility of the tent roof for diners. Staff has also reviewed tent cover-up options for when the tent is not being utilized to dampen the glare of the tent for some during daylight hours.

Revenue: Budgeted and Actual

In 2016, the banquets department at the Lodge Restaurant & Pub, which receives revenue from events in the events tent, was budgeted for $350,000 in expected revenue, with actual results of $429,000, which is $79,000 or 23% favorable to budget, and $50,000 or 13% over the 2015 actual banquet revenues. For 2017, the Lodge has been budgeted for a revenue of $2,194,000, which is up 11% from the 2016 budget. The banquets department specifically is budgeted for $420,000 or 19% of the Lodge’s revenue for 2017.

Usage: Members, Guests, Clubs, Public

From a business perspective, while the event tent is a very important offering for the banquets department at the Lodge, it is more importantly a desired  offering for our membership who book it regularly. Regarding revenue, staff estimates that 60% of the banquet events in the tent are for members, members’ guests, clubs and committees and 40% are for the public. With regards to guest count, staff estimates that 70% of the banquet events are for members, members’ guests, clubs and committees, and 30% is for the public. Total guest count for banquet events at the Lodge in 2016 was 5,897. Thus, the overall revenue far exceeds the cost of banquets, with high yields and is the highest margin area for operations at the Lodge.

Member Input Important; Temporary Tent Replica to be Set Up June 27-29

Below, per board direction, are mock up drawings of different color options for a new tent, as well as drawings for a potential permanent banquet facility instead of a tent. Staff plans to set up a replica of a potential new event tent and make it available from June 27 to June 29 for further feedback from the membership in considering a final replacement solution for the current structure. Question and feedback regarding a new event tent can be directed to Mike Peters, director of food and beverage. Email: mpeters@tahoedonner.com. Phone: 530-587-9481.

*colors below are computer renderings; actual colors may vary. 

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Brown option  White option
Green option Tent color swatches - color options
Permanent Structure - Option #1 Permanent Structure - Option #2
Proposed Event Tent at The Lodge  Existing Event Tent at The Lodge