Forestry Inspection Notice


The forestry department has begun inspecting properties for forest health issues to help accelerate the process of identifying and removing hazards. Forest health issues include dead trees, storm damaged trees, and an overabundance of pine debris on the forest floor. Also printed in the May issue of Tahoe Donner News, this serves as a written notice as required by the Tahoe Donner Association Covenants and Restrictions that these inspections will occur between the middle of May and the start of July this year. These inspections will occur between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. We plan to complete 25 to 50 inspections per day during this period. Inspectors will walk through the property to complete the inspections. All properties with dead, dying, or damaged trees will receive a Notice of Required Maintenance Forest Health letter and an inspection report to their property. The letter will give property owners 30 days to complete the maintenance.