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Stage Two: Project Analysis

The initial meeting of the Golf Course Task Force (GCTF) was held on Feb. 27, beginning with a tutorial on the Capital Projects Process to provide GCTF members an overview of our “gated” approach to potential projects. Probably the biggest takeaway is that the process is quite deliberate and covers an extensive review of the potential project to insure completeness and appropriate recommendation(s). The group also had an overview of the three possible funds (Operating, Reserve and Development) that might be used for any programs.

An initial list of project scope was reviewed, and the consensus was this is a point of departure and all TF members were requested to expand on that list. The initial Bickler Study was discussed and an action undertaken to update cost figures, at least at the macro level.

Communications will be an important element of the task force work will be initiated with the GPC Communications Task Force, with more detail on this to follow at subsequent meetings. The next GCTF meeting is scheduled for March 21 at 3:00 in the Northwoods Club House.