Tahoe Donner Purchases 640-Acre Crabtree Canyon

Tahoe Donner to Purchase and Preserve 640-Acre Crabtree Canyon

With approval from its board of directors, Tahoe Donner Association is working with the Truckee Donner Land Trust and their partners, The Nature Conservancy and The Northern Sierra Partnership, to move forward with the acquisition of a 640-acre parcel of land located in Carpenter Valley and adjacent to Tahoe Donner’s existing 6,700-plus acres and Euer Valley.

The southern-most portion of the property, which includes Crabtree Canyon, is a gateway between Euer Valley and Carpenter Valley and will be owned and managed by Tahoe Donner. This is phase one of a much larger open space effort by Truckee Donner Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and The Northern Sierra Partnership. Further protection will be ensured by a permanent conservation easement held by the Truckee Donner Land Trust. The larger surrounding Carpenter Valley property, which has remained in private hands since the mid-19th century, is expected to be part of a Truckee Donner Land Trust purchase in 2017.

Our association’s vision as a desirable mountain community includes providing attractive and well-maintained facilities and amenities while maintaining accessible and healthy natural surroundings. The acquisition of the Crabtree parcel will also protect Tahoe Donner’s borders from future development.

In addition to preserving, protecting and maintaining Crabtree Canyon, this land parcel will also create new recreational opportunities for Tahoe Donner residents.

“This purchase also expands services to our membership,” Miller said. “It will allow Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area to reopen 16 percent of our Nordic ski terrain that had previously closed due to land use concerns,” Miller explained. Tahoe Donner will also be exploring future opportunities over this property for hiking, biking, and equestrian usage in accordance with its comprehensive trails master plan and land use master plan.

Working with the Truckee Donner Land Trust, Tahoe Donner’s General Plan Committee, management and staff were able to negotiate the Crabtree Canyon purchase for less than $800 per acre. The Land Trust originally purchased this parcel for $2.4 million; our purchase price was $500,000, which equates to under $80 per Tahoe Donner member. Also, the funding for this purchase will require no special assessment to existing Tahoe Donner homeowners. It is covered by the development fund portion of the association’s existing budget, which is comprised of a percentage of each homeowner’s annual assessment.

Non-motorized summer and winter activities will be encouraged on the new parcel of land and officials from the Truckee Donner Land Trust envision a loop trail around the valley, with plans to link Tahoe Donner Independence Lake Preserve via a new trail system. Additionally, with our own forestry department actively working to minimize the threat of wildfire, and with motorized recreational vehicles prohibited throughout the year, this purchase successfully protects additional resources and valuable open space, allowing us to further achieve our vision and guiding principles, which include environmental stewardship.

“This land acquisition helps us move forward in keeping with our guiding principles, which includes environmental stewardship,” said Robb Etnyre, Tahoe Donner’s general manager. “The majority of our members surveyed last summer identified protecting and investing in open space and trails as a top priority for the association.”

“Carpenter Valley is one of the most spectacular — and little known — valleys in the entire Northern Sierra. Preserving the pristine natural beauty of our surroundings and ensuring continued recreational access is of utmost importance to us,” said Perry Norris, executive director of the Truckee Donner Land Trust. “This is a critical open space that is of great value to our community, and we are pleased to work with Tahoe Donner Association to help us protect it.”

Norris added that this land deal will help the Truckee Donner Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and The Northern Sierra Partnership with a future land acquisition of the larger Carpenter Valley area in 2017. Once acquired, that property will be open to the public for the first time in over a century. An announcement will be made once this larger purchase is officially completed.

Future article on this open space acquisition will be published in the May issue of Tahoe Donner News.

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More information:

About the Truckee Donner Land Trust

The Truckee Donner Land Trust preserves and protects scenic, historic and recreational lands with high natural resource values in the greater Truckee Donner region and manage recreational activities on these lands in a sustainable manner. Learn more at: www.tdlandtrust.org.

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Perry Norris
Truckee Donner Land Trust
Ph: 530-386-7605

April 7, 2016

Our Communication Process

How do we communicate with Tahoe Donner members? How do homeowners give us their feedback? Take a look at this infographic.


March 11, 2016

February 20 Town Hall Meeting Summary

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Town Hall Meeting on Saturday afternoon at The Lodge Restaurant & Pub. Over 85 of your fellow members showed up to provide feedback regarding waterline safety and the boat ramp at the Beach Club Marina. If you would like to see the presentation from the meeting, including the feedback from the audience, click here. At the next Board of Director meeting on Feb. 27, discussion and review of the feedback from the town hall meeting and the results of the survey on the subject will occur.

Again, thank you all for providing feedback in our efforts to make our Beach Club Marina a more enjoyable and safe environment for our members.
See the results of this past summer’s Capital Improvement Survey  here.

February 22, 2016

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2015 Member Survey Results

Survey Results Indicate Tahoe Donner on the Right Track

The results are in and members have indicated that Tahoe Donner is on the right track with its vision statement to guide future planning. In addition, valuable feedback was received regarding priorities for future development fund project investments.

A survey of the association’s members was conducted by an outside research company during the month of September. This was done as a part of the General Plan Committee’s (GPC) process to make recommendations to the board of directors regarding future development fund projects that will be included in an updated 20-year General Plan. 1,447 homeowners (20 percent on the hill/full-time residents, and 80 percent off the hill/part-time residents) completed the survey. The response rate was approximately five times the normal rate for online surveys. This gave us a very large data set for a statistically reliable analysis.

The overwhelming majority of survey recipients agree with the Tahoe Donner vision statement:

Tahoe Donner is a vibrant and desirable mountain community, providing for its members, guest, and public, attractive and well maintained facilities, events, programs, and leading customer service, all while maintaining accessible and healthy natural surroundings.

The following chart shows the answers to the question, “How much do you agree or disagree with the vision statement about Tahoe Donner?”

A substantial majority of both on and off hill respondents supported the following key points:

  • High praise for the community, with the amenities playing a central role.
  • Believe amenities are important because they improve property values.
  • Amenities were reason for some to choose Tahoe Donner over other neighborhoods.
  • Strong desire to improve and enhance amenities, rather than adding more.
  • Nature is as much of the Tahoe Donner experience as the amenities, and efforts to protect open spaces are a high priority for members.
  • Both on the hill/full-time residents, and off the hill/part-time resident respondents rate the assessment fee as a good value.

Homeowners identified the following Investments as their top three priorities:

  1. Invest in and protect adjacent recreation open spaces.
  2. Build more trails.
  3. Water conservation and alternative energy investments.

A second tier of investment priorities were identified by homeowners as:

  • Marina: enhance the food service capabilities and deck/lawn seating.
  • Trout Creek Recreation Center: expand interior fitness space.
  • Euer Valley: enhance existing facilities for summer and winter use.
  • Non-weather-dependent kids activities, such as ice rink, climbing wall, natural playground.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the member survey. This is valuable feedback that is one part of a bigger process in updating the 20-Year General Plan to help Tahoe Donner move into the future. As you can see from the chart above there are many inputs used in preparing the General Plan, and the membership survey is an important one.
Don’t forget that you can tell us more by clicking the “Feedback” button at the very top of the page, above.

January 13, 2016

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