Tahoe Donner’s Accounting Department, under the guidance of Director of Finance Michael Salmon, manages the association’s financial affairs and presents financial information to members in a variety of reports. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our accounting department.

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Operating Fund Activity YTD – July 2018 (unaudited)

Excluding Assessment Revenues

Actual Budget Variance –

Fav (Unfav)
Revenue $8,019,924 $8,032,000   $ (12,076)
Expense  $(11,123,212) $(10,995,000)  $(128,212)
Net Operating Results (Loss)  $(3,103,288)  $(2,963,000)  $ (140,288)

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position as of:

Assets $67,745,115 $68,622,044 $64,299,307
Liabilities $6,821,756 $7,419,077 $7,193,866
Members’ Equity $60,923,359 $61,202,967 $57,105,441