September Improvements and Repairs

Alder Creek Adventure Center, Member News, Northwoods Clubhouse, Trout Creek Recreation Center

The following locations will be undergoing minor repairs this month:

Alder Creek Adventure Center: The building is scheduled for exterior painting from Sept. 11-15 and Sept. 18-22. This has no effect on amenity and restaurant fall hours of operation at the center; they remain open as scheduled.

Northwoods Clubhouse and Trout Creek Recreation Pools/Spas: Our pools will be undergoing routine repairs and improvements, including leak detection service. These repairs require each specified location below to be closed for 24 hours on the following dates:

  • Sept. 11: Northwoods Pool (the pool is already closed for the season)
  • Sept. 12: Trout Creek Recreation Pool and kiddy pool
  • Sept. 13: Trout Creek Lap Pool, spa 2 and the covered spa (spa 1 will remain open)