Trails Update: July 20

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Tahoe Donner’s summer trail system is open and in great shape for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

We’ve been working hard to clear the downed trees resulting from the big winter storms. While the paths have been cleared, a few of our trails were hit hard and need a little TLC before they are 100 percent open.  Please respect the trail closures and allow our crew the time and effort needed to make them safe.

Trail Alerts:

The Coyote Crossing Trail: We’re happy to announce that Coyote Crossing is now open. It was previously closed due to muddy conditions, but the meadow is now dry.

East and West Mustang Sally Trails: Sections are currently under construction. It would be advisable to stay off the West Mustang Sally route and use Crabtree Road instead.

Select Bridge Crossings: We have a few bridge crossings that need work. They are crossable, but it would be advisable to use caution when crossing. These are:

  • The second bridge crossing on the Fool’s Gold trail needs repair.
  • A small footbridge on the Alder Creek Trail (near Skislope Dr.) is broken and marked with an orange cone.
  • The Coyote Crossing trail (previously closed) is now open, though crossing Prosser Creek should be noted as a temporary structure spanning three large culverts.

Trail Closures Include:

The South Nature Loop trail: This trail has standing water, downed trees, a broken boardwalk, and a lot of mud. For your safety, please use the North Nature Loop Trail that connects the Northwoods Clubhouse to the Trout Creek Recreation Center.

Important note: Please remember that Tahoe Donner shares property boundaries with a few neighbors, like the USFS, Sierra Pacific Industries, the Euer Family, and the 7Cs Ranch.  They have access, via a road easement along the South Euer Valley Road, to their lands through Tahoe Donner. Though signs are posted indicating land ownership, it is your responsibility to stay informed of property boundaries and respect our neighbor’s access and property ownership. Please say hello and spread some neighborly cheer. Thank you.