Download a printable version of the trail map (pdf); or download a printable version of a detailed Euer Valley detail map (pdf).

Tahoe Donner Trail System

Tahoe Donner has 38 miles of trails and fire service roads, covering approximately 3,474 acres of epic, wild terrain. Many species of animals can be seen here, including quail, grouse, squirrels, rabbits, marmots, beavers, deer, mountain lions and black bear. Hikers, bikers and equestrians cherish this incredible natural resource. These trails are open to Tahoe Donner homeowners and their guests.

There are many opportunities to volunteer to keep our trails and our surroundings in great shape. Sign up for a trail day, a weed walk, or a clean up day. See more details on our volunteer page and events page.

This summer, the Euer Valley is open for hiking, biking, and equestrian riding, with the following guidelines:

  • Motorized access to the Euer Valley is forbidden, except for Tahoe Donner staff and others who have a deeded right of way over the land.
  • The Euer family still owns 40 acres in the middle of the valley. This land will eventually be marked. In the meantime, please avoid hiking near the homestead and its nearby buildings.
  • The Euer Valley is a “pack in / pack out” destination. Please do your part to keep this a litter-free landscape.
  • Respect the privacy of those who live adjacent to the Euer Valley.  Sound levels should be kept low and vehicles should be parked at the Equestrian Center.

Thank you for your cooperation as we make this outstanding land available to members while preserving the natural experience there.

View the Trails Master Plan (pdf)


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