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Enjoy the trails at your own risk. Hike, mountain bike and horseback ride responsibly. Please stay on designated trails and fire access roads to avoid becoming lost or disoriented.

If you become lost, look for trail markers (white triangles) on trees and posts and/or recognizable landmarks or other features that may reorient you.

Avoid hiking, biking and horseback riding alone. Parents, please accompany your children and notify others of your itinerary.

Wild Animals

Please respect the natural habitat of wild animals and never feed them. Most wild animals will not approach humans. Don’t approach mountain lions or bears (especially cubs).

If you encounter a mountain lion or bear, don’t run – stand your ground, keep eye contact, make yourself look bigger, perhaps using your jacket or daypack. Then, slowly back away.

Animals you may see on the trails:

  • quail
  • grouse
  • squirrels
  • rabbits
  • marmots
  • beavers
  • deer
  • mountain lions
  • black bears.

Report any unusual or aggressive animal activity to the Member Services Office at (530) 587-9400.


Due to the extreme fire hazard conditions, no smoking is allowed on the trail system. Overnight camping and fires are not permitted (except at designated areas within the campground only).

Motor vehicle access is limited to Tahoe Donner crews only. Fire safety improvement activities may be conducted throughout Tahoe Donner.

Check with the Member Services Office for trail conditions and hazards at (530) 587-9400.

Weather Conditions

Weather changes rapidly in the Sierras. Be prepared and know your limits. Wear clothing that prevents excessive heat loss and/or sunburn. Always carry and drink plenty of water while using the trails.

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