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Trail Use

Trail Use

Voluntary Summer Public Trail Pass Program

Thank you for contributing to the Tahoe Donner Association trail system. This program is a voluntary monetary contribution for public trail users. Its purpose is to recognize the financial commitment and trail maintenance efforts the association has made and continues to make on the 60+ miles of multi-use single-track and double-track summer trails.

For those who are not Tahoe Donner members, a suggested donation of $5 for adult and $2 for child daily use, or $30 for adult and $15 for child summer pass is encouraged, and is available for donation at Alder Creek Adventure Center, Bikeworks, and Member Services; online at our ShopTD site; and at select iron rangers at the major trailheads of Glacier Way, Teton Way and the Euer Valley gateway located at Alder Creek Adventure Center.

Trail access for members and guests of members is free.

E-bike Policy

On October 7, 2015 Governor Brown signed new law, A.B. 1096.  As the new law reads, there are three classes to e-bikes with Class 1 and 2 provided the same access to lands and trails as bicycles.  Class 3, which has a throttle does not receive the same privilege or access.  As such, Tahoe Donner Association’s e-bike policy is as follows:  Class 1 and 2 e-bikes are allowed on Tahoe Donner summer trails per California state law; however, Class 3 e-bikes are prohibited.

Please enjoy your e-bike safely, responsibly, and remember to yield to walkers and equestrians.

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