Update: Town of Truckee Proposed Solid Waste Franchise Agreement

Association News

Dec. 8, 2017:

Tahoe Donner Board of Directors, Jeff Connors and Jeff Bonzon, along with management met with Town of Truckee officials this last week to review the proposed Solid Waste Franchise Agreement. This would include changes to trash and recycling services. We have provided background summary and key takeaways from last week’s meeting below.


Tahoe Donner has fielded many comments from members about the proposal. See the Town of Truckee press release here: https://goo.gl/s51Riv

Additionally, Town of Truckee has provided a summary of the new service changes which can viewed online: https://goo.gl/uSUpYr

We continue to encourage interested members to attend the Town Council meeting on Tuesday, December 12 at 6:00 p.m. You may also provide comments to the Town of Truckee Solid Waste Coordinator, Erica Mertens, who is leading communication efforts for the proposal.  She can be contacted directly at emertens@townoftruckee.com or phone (530) 582-2909.

Members can review the complete Town of Truckee staff report and final DRAFT franchise agreement as attached to the staff report. Both can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/ou351j

Key takeaways from Tahoe Donner and Town of Truckee Meeting

Regular Mixed Solid Waste (Trash): There are no proposed changes to the mixed solid waste services.

Recyclable Materials:

  • Additional services proposed: Residents will have the opportunity to have a blue rolling container for recyclable materials over the next three years.
    • Now through July 1, 2020, Tahoe Donner residents can have the option to have a recycle container
    • Residents will need to contact the Tahoe Truckee Sanitation District to Opt Out of the container program if they do not want to participate
    • Residents can use the blue bag and/or container to suit their travel schedules
    • Rolling containers must be at the curb for every other Tuesday pickup Blue bags will continue to be an option for recyclable materials
  • Blue bags will continue to be an option for recyclable materials
    • Blue bags will be picked up in the Animal Resistant Garbage Can Enclosure (ARGCE)
    • Blue bags will continue to be serviced weekly
  • Two additional communal drop-off recycling locations will be created for peak summer months

Green Waste:

  • Effective July 1, 2018, green bags will be prohibited town-wide
  • Curbside green waste services will be provided with rolling green waste container
  • One rolling green waste container will be provided to each residence unless you Opt Out of the container service with Tahoe Truckee Sanitation District
  • Residents can request up to 3 green waste containers
  • Pickup change: Green rolling waste containers will be picked up every other week. Tuesday is garbage day in Tahoe Donner.
  • Discounted Dumpster service to continue as option
    • The new agreement will make more dumpsters available each season, as these have sold out in the past
  • 6 yards Self Haul to Transfer Station at Eastern Regional Landfill on Cabin Creek Road service to continue
  • Additional service proposed:  Residents can obtain a unique haul code for contractors, on behalf of the resident, to utilize and dispose of 6-yards of green waste under the Self-haul service

New Services Addition:

  • Residents allowed 4 scheduled extra pick-ups per year without additional can charge
    • Up to 96 gallons per pick up
    • May be used to collect yard waste
  • Residents allowed (2) bulky item scheduled pickup per year
    • E.g.: Mattress, couch, refrigerator
    • Bulky pick-ups do not allow yard waste

Franchise Agreement Term Length:

  • Proposed Solid Waste Franchise Agreement is proposed for 10-year period with 3-year extension option

Proposed Rate Increases:

  • Year 1 of contract - $3.28/month increase to residential service
  • Year 2 of contract - $0.94/month increase to residential service
  • Year 3 of contract- $0.83/month increase to residential service
  • Year 4-10– increases per agreed upon inflation indexes