45-Day Notice: Architectural Standards Fee Change

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Note: This was originally published in the January issue of Tahoe Donner News.

Changes to the architectural standards fees will be considered for action by the board of directors. The board of directors is expected to take action to adopt these fees, as they are presented here or with some modification, at its February meeting, currently scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018. The board welcomes any input you may wish to offer regarding this process.


Rate History

In late 2015 and early 2016, the Architectural Standards Committee and management recommended and the board of directors approved modest architectural standards fee increases after more than 10 years of no fee changes. Additionally, in the fall of 2016 the committee and management recommended the elimination of fees for a subset of minor projects–maintenance projects, which the board also approved.


Current Thinking

Since April 2017, the Architectural Standards Committee and management have discussed the topic of fee adjustments based on:

  • Scope of projects
  • Associated extension fees
  • Inspection scope
  • Inflationary factors since the last fee changes in 2015
  • Member feedback

The Architectural Standards Committee finalized their recommended proposed changes during a special committee meeting on Sept. 17, 2017. The proposed recommended changes are addressing scope of projects relative to fees, fees relating to extensions, inflationary factors and member feedback. Overall impact is:

  • Reduction in fees to some project fees through project category reclassification
  • Reduction in extension fees
  • Increase to the administrative fees across all projects of 20%
  • Normalize inspection fees to one fee of $90 for any inspection

At the December 16, 2017 board of directors meeting, the board approved the proposed rates to go out for 45-day member notification. Members can view more detailed information located here.

Your comments are welcome at arosenfeld@tahoedonner.com, (530) 582-9630 or by mail at
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2017 Admin Fee Proposed 2018 Admin Fee 2017 Site Insp. Proposed 2018 Site Inspection Fee 2017 Final Insp. Proposed 2018 Final Inspection Fee 2017 Deposit Proposed 2018 Deposit
Major Projects
New Houses, Multiples, Commercial Buildings $850 $1,020 $65 $90 $90 No Change $3000 No Change
Additions and garages (500 sq. ft. and larger) and garages (w/ living area) $850 $1,020 $65 $90 $90 No Change $3,000 No Change
Major Project Extensions
1st 6-month Extension $500 No Change
2nd 6-month Extension $1,000 No Change
Minor Projects with Neighbor Notification New category proposed. Moving current Major Projects: Additions (under 500 sq. ft.), Decks, Sheds, Auxiliary Structures & Miscellaneous = Reduction in fees
Additions (under 500 sq. ft.) and garages $850 $465 $65 $90 $90 No Change $750 $500
Decks, Sheds, Auxiliary Structures, Miscellaneous $850 $465 $65 $90 $90 No Change $500 No Change
Variance $385 $465 $65 $90 $90 No Change $500 No Change
Fences $140 $170 65 if required $90 if required $90 No Change $100 No Change
Solar Panels $140 $170 $65 if required $90 if required $90 No Change $100 No Change
Minor Projects without Neighbor Notification
Change to Existing  $100-125 $120-150 $65 if required $90 if required $90 No Change $100 No Change
Minor Project Extensions
1st 6-month Extension $100 No Change
2nd 6-month Extension $250-$500 No Change
Maintenance Projects
ARGCE, Roof, Gutters, Paint, Exterior Lights, Hot tubs, etc. $0 No Change $0 No Change $0 No Change $0 No Change
Misc. Inspection $65 $90
Plan Printing $3/plan No Change