Annual Meeting of Members and Organizational Meeting: June 26, 2022

Association News, Member News


1. Call to Order & Welcoming Comments, Don Koenes, Board President

2. President’s Annual State of Tahoe Donner Message, Don Koenes, President

3. Treasurer’s Report, Steve Mahoney, Treasurer

4. Keynote Speakers,
Kevin McKechnie, Fire Chief of Truckee Fire Protection District and
Julia Juarez, Deputy Commissioner, Community Relations Outreach, Office of the California State Insurance

5. General Manager – Annual Update, David Mickaelian, General Manager

6. Member Comments, Question and Answer

7. Introduction of the 2022-2023 Board of Directors, Brent Collinson, Inspector of Elections


1. Call to Order, Don Koenes, Board President

2. Action: Appointment of Board Member Officers

3. Action: Adoption of Board Meeting Schedule

4. Action: Committee Liaison Appointments

5. Action: Board will assign 5501 Subcommittee Director designee for July 2022 to June 2023 monthly meetings.

6. Action: 2022 Board Training Plan

7. Adjournment