Board of Directors Meeting: December 14, 2019

Association News, Member News

1. Call to Order, Charles C. Wu, Board President

2. Member & Director Comments

3. Action: Consent Calendar

4. Committee/Task Force Reports

5. Discussion: Senior Transition Team Update, Annie Rosenfeld, Miguel Sloane and Michael Salmon

6. Action: General Manager Transition, Board of Directors

7. Break

8. Action: 2020 Architectural Standards Fee and Fines Schedule 45-Day Notice, Rod Whitten, Chair of the Architectural Standards Committee

9. Action: Committee Charters and Committee Appointments, Board of Directors

10. Action: Downhill Ski Building Remodel or Rebuild Workshop, General Plan Committee and Jon Mitchell, Director of Capital Projects

11. Lunch into Executive Session (closed to members)

12. Return to Open Session from Executive Session, Board of Directors

13. Adjournment – Not recorded