Board of Directors Meeting: November 23, 2019

Association News, Member News

1. Call to Order, Charles C. Wu, Board President

2. Member & Director Comments

3. Action: Consent Calendar

4. Committee/Task Force Reports

5. Action: 2020 Committee Projects, Charles C. Wu, Board President

6. Discussion: Quarterly Financial Update, Annie Rosenfeld, Miguel Sloane and Michael Salmon

7. Action: Overview of Board Governance, Authority and Meetings and Policy and Procedures on the Conduct of Board Meetings Policy 2017-2, Charles C. Wu, Board President

8. Break

9. Action: 2017-01 Board Amenity Access and Discount Policy, Jim Roth, Board Director

10. Action: Payment Plan Options, Jeff Connors, Board Treasurer

11. Action: Recreation Fee Pricing, Charles C. Wu, Board President

13. Lunch

14. Action: Architectural Standards Draft Accessory Dwelling Unit Rules, Annie Rosenfeld, Director of Risk Management and Real Property

12. Action: Aspenware Information Technology Software, Miah Cottrell, Director of Information Technology

15. Action: 401K Retirement Plan, Tom Knill, Director of Human Resources

16. Executive Session, Closed to Members

17. Adjournment