Member Portal FAQs

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions related to the member portal.


  • What are the key features of the portal for members?

    • View current balance dues, which may include Annual Assessments, permit fees and fines
    • View payments made from October 1, 2021 forward
    • Make payments online using checking/savings accounts or debit/credit cards
    • Enroll in eStatements
    • Update your primary billing address and contact information on file
    • Submit documents to Member Services such as owner relinquishment forms
    • View financials
    • Initiate a covenants violations


  • How do I register for the portal?

    1. To register for the portal, you will need:
      • Your Portal Account Number*, which you can find printed on your 2022 Annual Assessment statement. Please note that this account number is unique to your portal account and is not the same as your member ID.
      • Last name as it appears on your Annual Assessment statement, OR your property’s street address number.
      • A valid email address.
        *If you do not know your Portal Account Number, please contact Member Services to receive an email with a link to set up your portal username and password.
    2. Navigate to
    3. You will be prompted to enter additional contact information and to choose a username; click “Continue” when finished
      Note your username can only contain letters, numbers and underscores. Your username cannot be your email address.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration

  • How do I update my mailing address, email and phone number?

    1. Log into the member portal.
    2. Click “View + Update My Profile.”
    3. Click “Edit General.”
    4. Update your information and scroll to the bottom of the page to click “Save.”

    update your profile screenshot

  • Do I need to add all contacts for my property to my portal account?

    No. You only need one member setup in your portal account. This should be the member and address where you will receive your annual assessment, election ballot and other official Tahoe Donner mailings. The portal is not connected to your ShopTD account.

  • Can I request a new member card through the portal?

    No; to pay for a new member card, please stop by the Member Services office at 11509 Northwoods Boulevard, Truckee, CA 96161.

  • Will I purchase things such as ski passes, ski lessons and summer camp registration through the member portal?

    No. Purchases such as ski passes, ski lessons and summer camps will continue to be available through ShopTD. ShopTD requires a separate login and can be accessed at


  • Will I be able to make payments through the member portal?

    Yes. You will be able to make payments online through the portal beginning with the 2022 Annual Assessment in November.

  • What payment types are accepted in the member portal?

    • The member portal accepts:
      • Payments made directly from your checking or savings account (ACH payments) are free with no processing fee
      • Credit card and/or debit card payments (processing fee applies)
    • The portal can store payment information to help simplify future payments.

  • Can I schedule payments to be made at a later date?

    Yes, you can schedule payments to be made at a later date when using your checking or savings account (ACH payments).

  • Can I make partial payments using the member portal?

    Yes, partial payments can be made through the member portal by entering a specific payment amount.

  • How do I view payments, fees and other transactions on my account?

    1. Log into the member portal and click “View Account Detail” from your home screen.
    2. There you will see all transactions associated with your account – including assessments, delinquency fees, finance charges, payments and credits. You can view a printable copy of your transactions by clicking “Print Ledger” in the upper right corner of your screen. Soon you will also be able to view Architectural Standards-related transactions such as inspection fees and deposits.

    Please note that the portal will only display transactions dating back to October 1, 2021.

  • Can I enroll in eStatements/paperless billing?

    You can enroll in eStatements by doing the following:

    1. Log into the member portal.
    2. Click “View + Update My Profile”
    3. Click “Turn on eStatements for your account.”
      Screenshot of how to enroll in eStatements in member portal
    4. Verify the email address where you want to receive your estatements and then click “Save.”
    5. You will receive an email containing a link which you must click to verify your email address and complete the setup process. You will NOT be enrolled in eStatements until you click this link.

    Screenshot of how to enroll in eStatements in member portal


  • How do I see upcoming board meeting details and committee documents?

    Board meeting documents and event details have been placed back on the website. You can find more information here on board meetings as well as committee information.


  • How do I view financial documents related to the association?

    • Log into the member portal.
    • From your home screen, locate the “Documents” section.
    • Expand the “Main” folder to view a folder for “Financials”. Click on any financials folder and then click the highlighted information you would like to view.
      financials screenshot


  • Can I submit covenants violations through the member portal?

    Members are now able to submit complaints through the online member portal. The OneStop online platform is no longer active. All submissions in the member portal will remain anonymous and will not be shared with the respondent.

    Report the complaint to Tahoe Donner Covenants Enforcement staff easily available to members:

    1. Online Complaint Submission:
    2. Email:
    3. Phone: (530) 414-8166