Video: Board of Directors Meeting: April 27, 2019

Association News, Member News

1. Call to Order/Call for Quorum, Jennifer Jennings, Board President

2. Member & Director Comments

18. Action: Assignment of Board of Director Duties, Director Knisely and Director Fajans

3. Action: Consent Calendar, Board of Directors

4. Committee/Task Force Reports, Committee/Task Force Chairs

5. Action: Tahoe Donner Giving Fund – Consider 2019 Scholarship Awards, Suzanne Sullivan, Tahoe Donner Giving Fund Committee Chair

6. Action: Written Resolution – Adding the General Manager function to the Director & Officer section of the Bylaws Update, Directors Knisley and Fajans

7. Action: Board of Director Meeting Dates – May & June 2019, Board of Directors

8. Discussion: Proposed New Covenants Rule- Seasonal Fire Ban 45-Day Notificiation, Annie Rosenfeld, Director of Risk Management & Real Property

9. Action: Tahoe Donner Limited Abilities Persons Golf Club, Denise Rebar, Homeowner

10. Action: Town of Truckee TSSA-1 Fund, Robb Etnyre, General Manager

11. Break (No break taken)

12. Action: Third Access Road to Tahoe Donner, Board of Directors

13. Executive Session

14. Lunch

15. Action: Replacement Reserves Expenditure – Governing Documents Project, Forrest Huisman, Director of Capital Projects

16. Action: Nature Loop Improvement Project, Annie Rosenfeld, Director of Risk Management & Real Property

17. Action: Compensation Study Contract Award (Discussed item during Executive Session)

19. Key Performance Indicator Report, Robb Etnyre, General Manager

20. Executive Session

21. Adjournment